National Merit Finalist Bishop Butler on the Value of Computer Science

Computer Science

As a computer science major at the University of Arkansas, Bishop Butler, an Arkansas local, understands a thing or two about the value of computers. Technology brings a lot to the world and is helping improve the quality of life for millions of people. Bishop is working to be a part of that, and his good grades and strong work ethic show he is serious about his future.

Good Grades and Serious Dedication

A straight-A student in high school, Bishop Butler easily adjusted to the pace and work level required of college life. Now a sophomore, he diligently works his way through complex computer science courses. After graduation, he will likely go far in the computer and technology field and showcase his academic talent in the job market.

Butler was a National Merit Finalist, further showcasing his academic abilities and the value he will bring to the computer science field. These finalists typically have excellent grades, are involved in extracurricular activities, and are committed to working on the bigger issues affecting society. With all that Butler is doing in the computer science field, being a finalist fits right in.

Bishop Butler

Computer Science Will Continue to Grow as an Industry

One of the things Bishop Butler of Arkansas knows about the future is that computer science is a rapidly growing industry. Technology as a whole has come so far in the past few years that it feels as though the sky is the limit. Everything is always changing, from AI advances to faster mobile device processors.

With those changes comes the need for people on the front lines of computer science development. People like Butler can help more people use computers more efficiently in the future. Not only can he improve lives, but advances in computer science also transfer to other areas. For example, using technology in medical care is helping people live longer and better. With continued advances in this area, that progress could be recovered.

The more carefully students experiment with computers, the more they can discover additional capabilities. Butler is committed to that experimentation and the advances that come along with it. He knows there’s no reason to settle for anything less than excellence when computer science is such an expansive field for exploration.

Even Busy Students Need Downtime

Before heading off to college, Bishop Butler of Arkansas enjoyed volunteering at his local church. During services, he worked as a camera operator and recorded the services for those who couldn’t attend in person. Additionally, he played the piano in local area nursing homes. That provided a lot of joy and nostalgia for the residents who lived there.

Butler enjoyed both of these activities beginning in childhood and kept up with his volunteering for nearly ten years before leaving for his next adventure at college. He enjoys chess, basketball, football, other sports, and video games in his spare time. However, most of his free time is spent studying and learning more about his field. That keeps his grades high and ensures he will be ready when his time at the University of Arkansas draws to a close.

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