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National Floors Direct Offers Best Practices for Protecting and Maintaining Your New Hardwood Floor

New Hardwood Floor

National Floors Direct says that new hardwood floors are one of the most exciting changes you can make to your home. They create a feeling of elegance and simplicity like nothing else. Regardless of your decorative style, everything looks even better with hardwood.

Of course, your want your new hardwood floors to look as great at year ten as they do on day one. Protecting and maintaining them isn’t complicated or expensive; it just requires a little diligence.

Use these tips to keep them looking brand new.

Limit the Impact of Traffic

Shoes can cause damage to your hardwood when they bring in small pebbles or dirt on the soles, and high heels are notorious for the damage they can do. Enforcing a policy of leaving shoes at the door protects not just your hardwood floors but your other flooring as well.

Take Care With Water

Wood and water do not mix as the cellular structure of wood responds immediately to water, and swelling or decay can result. While the top of your floors is sealed, any water that makes it to the sides or underside of the wood presents the most significant risk, National Floors Direct explains.

Mop up water spills right away. Pooling water is the enemy, and using water for cleaning should always be avoided. At most, use a mop that is only slightly damp.

Clean Them With Care

The best cleaning methodology is to use a soft-bristled broom and dustpan for daily cleaning and a vacuum that is hardwood-appropriate weekly. Some products claim to be gentle on hardwood floors, but it is still recommended that the use of such liquids is limited to small squirts.

Some steaming mops claim to be safe for hardwood, but there is potential for steam cleaning to cause damage.

With all products claiming protection and safe use on hardwood, it never hurts to read some reviews or ask your flooring company what they recommend.

Protect Them from Pets

National Floors Direct mentions that your pets love your floors too, and you can help them protect those beautiful floors by clipping their nails regularly. If your dog gets excited and runs when someone comes to the door, that presents the most significant potential for harm. A runner can be a great buffer if Spot likes to run down the hallway.

Floors on the high end of the hardness scale do a better job of holding up to claws, but scratching and gouging can still occur from your happy canine.

Furniture Protectors are a Must

Furniture moves when used, and sitting on your comfy chair, can cause those legs to scratch up your floors. Sliders and glides are inexpensive, easy to put under the legs of your furniture, and can save your floors from damage.

Go ahead and enjoy your beautiful new floors. Keeping them looking pristine isn’t difficult, and they will still look as good ten years from the first day they were installed.

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