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Naseemuddin Mohammad, The Pioneering IT Project Manager Who Led the Way with First Ever Oracle CCS Program Implementation and Cloud Data Migration in Utility Sector

Naseemuddin Mohammad, first from left, with Wipro’s team

Naseemuddin Mohammad, first from left, with Wipro’s team

Implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions can dramatically transform the operational capabilities of Small to Large Enterprises, offering scalable, cost-effective, and flexible software options. SaaS products allow enterprises to leverage leading-edge technologies without the need for significant upfront investment in hardware or software, and without the ongoing costs and challenges associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. 

When you pay your utility bill, you probably don’t have Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in mind. But what many may not realize is that emerging technology can have a notable effect on the evolving sectors of energy and water utilities. And this tech is becoming increasingly integral to enhancing efficiency, compliance, and customer service. 

The adoption of SaaS in these industries drives innovation and facilitates a more agile response to regulatory changes and evolving consumer expectations. Naseemuddin Mohammad, chosen by Wipro to be the first IT Project Manager in the United States to implement the Oracle Customer Cloud Service (CCS), played a critical role in spearheading the Oracle Cloud CCS/CC&B implementation program, focusing on Utility Billing and Services enterprise product and Cloud Data Migration. Mohammad’s work on the United States’ first Oracle CCS implementation project became a blueprint for many others in the industry. He pioneered a new project management model that set the gold standard for subsequent CCS projects.

Mohammad made significant contributions to the CCS Cloud implementation and Data Migration program, successfully leading and managing a multimillion-dollar project. His efforts resulted in optimizing operational costs and enhancing end-to-end customer service performance across various aspects of utility services for consumers nationwide. With the CCS platform, the utility company switched their business model from CAPEX to OPEX pay per user, saving them millions of dollars per year.

Mohammad led the teams in developing the data conversion and migration strategy, and he reviewed the CCS artifacts, specification, and business documents, to adequately lead the system testing and integration testing strategies, guiding teams in the preparation and execution of testing activities to ensure data accuracy and system reliability. During this project, he found many bugs and defects, led the fixing and retesting of the systems, and added more security and functionality to the Oracle CCS platform.

With a keen focus on driving excellence, Mohammad contributed to the development of the CCS Center of Excellence (COE) in collaboration with domain experts within Wipro, collecting all valuable knowledge from this first project, to create a knowledge sharing platform about this new IT product. This set up Wipro for immense success at a time when no other competitor knew how to manage a CCS service or implementation contract. With Mohammad’s help,Wipro was now equipped with novel data conversion and migration strategies to enable Wipro to offer CCS implementation services to other utility companies in the United States at competitive prices and with unmatched skill and experience.

“I have always endeavored to contribute innovative ideas based on my knowledge of IT projects and program management,” says Mohammad, “to help businesses grow and organizations to maximize their revenue. We in the tech industry have to be committed to continuous learning and professional development in order to stay ahead of the curve and offer solutions for our clients.”

Mohammad’s leadership and strategic acumen also played a pivotal role in securing additional CCS Cloud contracts, including a significant contract from one of the State governments. His engagement in reviewing and preparing proposal documents for CCS Cloud implementations further contributed to revenue generation for Wipro. With a focus on project governance and executive leadership, he ensured successful project delivery, adhering to structured quality assurance processes, and proactively managing risks and dependencies.

The project involved the Design, Architecture, Development, implementation, Data Conversion/Migration, Batch Processing, Interfaces and Integrations with external apps, Market Transaction Management (MTM), Testing, Production Readiness and Cutover, Post Implementation Technical and Process consultation, Operational Support and Maintenance activities. In addition, the project required coordination with Customers and their Business teams, the Solution Managers, Product Vendors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Agile Dev Teams, and testing teams based in the U.S., India, and the Philippines.

Mohammad has also played a significant role in his organization’s technical interview panel, participating in campus interviews to recruit final year students from colleges and universities. He has interviewed senior and experienced professionals for roles in complex technical projects, showcasing his ability to identify and cultivate top talent. Additionally, he has a strong track record of collaborating with product vendor companies, enhancing the integration and implementation of specialized technical solutions across various sectors. He actively participated in business review panels aimed at crafting technical solutions for large enterprise customers and meticulously reviewed project artifacts such as Functional Specifications, Design documents, Code reviews, Test/QA strategies, and Test execution plans.

Furthermore, Mohammad demonstrated a commitment to team development and continuous improvement, conducting frequent retrospectives and providing constructive feedback to team members. He also played a key role in project budgeting, financial tracking, and resource management, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and adherence to project timelines and budgets. From the success of the first CCS implementation, Mohammad offered incredibly valuable lessons for aspiring IT Project Managers within this sector – the importance of staying abreast of technological trends, the need to prioritize security and sustainability, and the value of nurturing talent. Overall, Mohammad’s expertise, leadership, and dedication have been instrumental in the successful execution and delivery of complex projects, driving value for both clients and organizations alike while moving the utility sector forward.

About ​Naseemuddin ​Mohammad

Naseemuddin Mohammad is an experienced IT Project Manager whose career spans over two decades in the information technology sector. His skill set focuses on project management, digital transformation, cybersecurity, cloud migration, and product implementation. His experience covers the software development lifecycle, Agile and DevOps methodologies, SaaS/Cloud implementations, and Data migration projects. He possesses extensive experience in outlining, crafting, deploying, evaluating, and overseeing sophisticated cloud-based and security solutions.

Naseemuddin specializes in Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity project management, focusing on cloud product implementation and data migration from on-premise systems to the cloud, specifically within the Energy, Water, and Utility industries, as well as the Fintech Payments sector, including notable work with Mastercard. As an IT professional and project manager, his expertise extends to preparing and reviewing software implementation proposals and developing strategic IT solutions. 

Currently, Naseemuddin is employed at Wipro Limited as an IT Project Manager, where he has led teams to enable the successful integration of cloud computing and data analytics tools into IT infrastructure, resulting in measurable enhancements in security, performance, and sustainability within various large enterprises. He is versed in software development and product implementation for large enterprise customers.

He holds an MBA in Information Systems and an MBA in Project Management from Bharathiar University, India and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute. Mohammad is an editorial board member of several international publications and has done peer reviews for technical journals, publishing scholarly articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

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