Naor Nativ Talks About Luxury and His Passion

What comes to your mind when you first think of a luxurious life? Big houses, expensive cars, designers clothes, and a bank balance that would make many people jealous? Now imagine if you had all these things. What would you do? You may say that you would retire and lead a comfortable life. That’s the difference between most people and Naor Nativ. Sure, a luxurious life means living comfortably, but that shouldn’t stop you from working altogether. Naor Nativ is a self-made millionaire who wants to keep on working even after fulfilling his dreams.

The dream of a luxury world

The sky is your limit when it comes to imagining a luxurious world. But it takes hard work, determination, passion, and most importantly, patience to achieve those dreams. Born on October 9,1994, Naor has always made it his goal to live the high life while living in his hometown, Haifa, Israel.

When asked about his thoughts on luxury, he said, “To me, luxury should be a part of life. Of course, you may not have anything luxurious now, but that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming. If you dream small, you will make plans that will only help you achieve small dreams. That’s why I always dreamed of world tours, big villas, and top-of-the-line cars. Honestly, I feel proud that I have achieved these dreams at such a young age.”

Naor’s dream always focused on one thing: to achieve financial freedom. He wanted to lead a life where no one would question him if he buys something expensive. Fortunately, his business plans worked wonders and he soon started making enough to buy the things he wanted. From Rolex watches to cars that would make heads turn, Naor didn’t stop at anything mediocre. 

A message for young entrepreneurs

Luxury isn’t the same for everyone. For example, a homeless person may say that a pair of new clothes and a wholesome meal would be luxury for him. Therefore, you should set a standard in your mind about the type of luxury you want. Naor urges new entrepreneurs to think of their future differently. He said, “There will be ups and downs in business, but that shouldn’t limit your dreams. Once you start compromising on your dreams, you would become complacent.”

Naor is a living example of how a youngster can earn millions and fulfill his dreams if he keeps working hard. After the success of different franchises, he now has his own company that offers digital agency. He has also recently invested in various projects involving mobile apps and tech platforms. 

Naor said, “This is going to be a new challenge for me. Throughout my life, I have loved taking on new challenges, and I think a part of my success is because I don’t back out. I feel that if you don’t take risks, you wouldn’t know whether you would be successful or not.”

The self-made millionaire wants young entrepreneurs to take calculative risks early in their lives. He believes that if you fail, you become experienced as a business owner. It is from these failures that you will learn how to run a business properly and slowly become successful in what you do. That would eventually lead you to make your dreams come true.

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