Nakamoto Games Prepares Launch of Two New Play-to-Earn Titles 


Nakamoto Games, the developer of a fast-growing play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, is ready to launch two new titles. The first is NAKA Galactic, in which players command fighter jets and go on exciting intergalactic missions. The second is NAKA Bomber, which will be the first multiplayer release within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem.

Both games are expected will join existing NAKAVERSE games such as Duck Hunter, which was released in October, and other new and upcoming games such as NAKA Runner, NAKA DUI, Alien Apocalypse, and many more.

The upcoming releases of both new titles come a few short weeks after the official launch of the Nakamoto platform, which went live in early December. They are both part of the platform’s strategy to help independent game developers compete in and generate revenue from the growing play-to-earn space.

Nakamoto Games provides developers with the tools, expertise, guidance, and marketing to launch captivating gaming experiences and bring together developers, studios, and agencies to assist in game monetization. This way, the platform is helping to shape the future of online play-to-earn gaming and is democratizing access to talent, tools, and audiences, which have for far too long only been accessible by large, well-funded enterprise-grade studios and publishers.

All releases – from Duck Hunter to NAKA Galactic and NAKA Bomber – are part of the NAKAVERSE, a self-sustaining economy that uses cryptographic NAKA tokens to allow users to create their own digital realities within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. The NAKAVERSE combines entertaining games, high-quality game mechanics, and gamification with earning opportunities, competitions, events, and campaigns to make online gaming as fun and rewarding as possible for all.

By building play-to-earn games and combining them with NAKA tokens and a thriving in-game economy, Nakamoto Games is reimagining what is possible within the crypto-based gaming industry.

This strategy was reaffirmed by Tor, the CEO of Nakamoto Games, who recently said “Kudos to the Nakamoto Team and our growing community who have helped us deliver above and beyond our promise to launch a series of live games. We continue our push to deliver new and exciting titles, along with campaigns, competitions, and other events within the expanding platform and also NAKAVERSE.”

Stay tuned to the platform’s official channels below for new updates on upcoming releases, events, and announcements.

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