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The Nigerian people love to stay updated on current events. And with the huge population of Nigeria, there is no time to waste when it comes to catching up with current events. You can download the latest and most popular Naija news apps to your Android devices. So download one now! Here are some examples:


ThisDay Nigeria is a daily newspaper published by THISDAY NEWSPAPERS LTD with offices in 36 states in Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory, and internationally. The newspaper has become one of the country’s most trusted sources of news. Its readers range from the elite to the broader middle class. Founded in 1995, this newspaper is dedicated to presenting the truth and breaking news. Its coverage focuses on business, arts, community, and crossroads of people.

Thisday has come under fire since a series of stories appeared in its print edition on June 23, 2020. Wike, who was a member of the PDP, sued the newspaper breaking news. In the lawsuit, the paper published a video that appeared to show the governor was unreliable. The court rejected the complainant’s arguments and ruled in Wike’s favor. But this lawsuit has not gone away. The newspaper continues to receive criticism for its articles.

Punch Mobile

If you are wondering what the best news app is in Nigeria, it should definitely be PUNCH Mobile. With this app, you can get all the breaking news, entertainment, and business news you can handle, in one easy-to-use package. It is easy to customize, ultra-light, and device-friendly, with its integrated social media platforms. This means you can stay connected to your friends and loved ones while enjoying all the latest updates.


Whether you want to know what’s going on in Nigeria or you just want to stay updated, Yohaig in Naija news is the place to go. You’ll find daily news headlines in Nigeria, breaking news, entertainment news, and opinion pieces. You can even subscribe to a daily digest to stay informed. Yohaig also provides exclusive interviews and editorials from top Nigerian personalities.

Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian Tribune is an English-language newspaper publish in Ibadan, Nigeria. It’s a free newspaper, so it’s well worth a look naija news. The newspaper’s editorial staff is composed of both local and international journalists. The news is also a valuable source of information and commentary for the city’s residents. If you want to read the Nigerian Tribune, you’ll find a wealth of information and insight from the Nigerian capital.

The Nigerian Tribune is part of a group of newspapers including the Sporting Tribune, the Sunday edition, and the Iroyin Yoruba version. The content includes opinion pieces, sports coverage, and arts, culture, tourism, and entertainment coverage. The Nigerian Tribune is a member of PublishersGlobal, a database of over 20,000 publishing companies. It has a history of being the voice of the Nigerian people and continues to do so today.


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