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NAGA Announces The Launch Of Their New App With Visa

NAGA Pay App

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning for online traders as the innovative fintech company, the NAGA Group AG and makers of NAGA Pay, recently announced a collaboration with Visa and a partnership with Contis. The company has released their new app following the initiation to license their cryptocurrency division. The move is in line with the company’s goal of liberating the global financial system by allowing people to link and access funds held directly in their payment and brokerage wallets and their physical digital currency wallets.

Our first NAGA card offering suffered from technical limitations and did not meet all our customers’ needs. In choosing to work with Contis, we’ve gained a strong and highly experienced partner with a documented track record and industry leadership. Contis brings a proven ability to deliver large-scale payment solutions that enable the advanced conversion of invested assets to fund fiat transactions in real-time at the point of sale,” said Benjamin Bilski, CEO of NAGA.

The digital currency space has evolved in recent times, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market, with businesses as well as individuals from all walks of life looking to leverage its features and benefits. However, the team at NAGA, led by the forward-thinking Benjamin Bilski, aims to raise the bar with the launch of NAGA Pay and its inherent tools.

The launch of NAGA Pay is a reiteration of the company’s dedication to delivering disruptive solutions to offer more efficient ways of using their funds and making investment decisions. The comprehensive app is powered by Contis, a leading provider of payments solutions to FinTechs and financial institutions across Europe. This will ultimately grant NAGA access to payment rails across the globe, including the UK and EEA, especially with the addition of a globally recognized VISA Debit Card accepted by more than 140 million merchants in different parts of the world.

The app and Visa Debit Card integration will enable users to utilize active portfolio investments and convert to fiat at the point of sale using the award-winning Contis buffer technology. The solution also allows users to immediately fund transactions in real-time with the users’ available assets’ value. Users also have the opportunity to choose the desired source of fund for the transaction, with the personal account and their active stocks and shares portfolio options available.

NAGA is working on adding digital currencies as a payment option as it plans for the licensing of its crypto and blockchain division. NAGA Pay will be offering a fully digital account opening process to be available as either a standard Free or Premium solution that attracts a monthly fee of € 4.99. Features of the premium account include lower fees for withdrawals, dedicated offers, higher transaction limits, and premium customer support.

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About NAGA

NAGA is an innovative fintech company that aims to seamlessly connect personal finance transactions and investments through an easy-to-navigate social trading platform. The company has a user-friendly proprietary platform designed to offer a plethora of products from stock trading, investments, and cryptocurrencies to a physical VISA card. The platform also allows for exchanges with other traders and provides relevant information in the feed as well as auto copy features for successful members’ trades. NAGA is an all-inclusive synergistic total solution that provides an improved foundation to trade, invest, network, earn and pay, creating a comprehensive financial tool for users across the globe.

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