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NAFSTARS launches Web 3 game NAFSTARS MANAGER after successful Fund Raise of $1.7 Million

NAFSTARS, a Polygon-based play-to-earn [P2E] platform that allows users to collect artist-branded cards from all around the globe and from every music genre, has announced the release of the NAFSTARS MANAGER game launch after a successful fund-raise of $1.7 million in seed, token pre-sale, and NFTs. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, NAFSTARS collects artists’ metrics such as streams, views, social media followers, and career milestones [gold, and platinum certifications] and translates them into scores. Hence allowing these cards to represent an artist’s real-life performance score. 

Additionally, NAFSTARS allows users to participate in numerous battles and earn rewards. 

NAFSTARS receives support from French hits media FUN RADIO and UNIVERSAL MUSIC, the world’s leading music company. Its artist directory counts over 7 billion YouTube views and 30 million followers from three continents.  

NAFSTARS Allows Artists to Gain from Their Online Popularity 

NAFSTARS is a solution that allows artists from across the world to capitalize on their online fame and, in turn, channels these real-life metrics or data into unique digital NFTs that become part of a branded card P2E game. 

Earlier this year, NFC Lisbon played a significant role in the growth of this French start-up. The Polygon-based P2E gaming platform has officially integrated Polygon Studios and has found its partners for its initial DEX offering [IDO]. NAFSTARS has signed a handful of internationally acclaimed Brazilian and Portuguese artists. 

At the NFC, NAFSTARS announced new signings. First on the list is Portuguese-based international sensation CALEMA, who is on the verge of kicking off his stadium tour in Africa. BLAYA, whose hit song was covered by Grammy Award-winning singer Madonna in her 2019 album, and Portugal’s number one singer, SOYARA RAMOS, are two of the other signings announced by the French P2E gaming platform. 

The $NSTARS Token 

Like most crypto and NFT projects, NAFSTARS has launched a native currency, $NSTARS. As the native in-game token on the gaming platform, $NSTARS serves as a utility token for users. First, users can mint unique cards on NAFSTARS using $NSTARS. Secondly, users will earn $NSTARS when they participate in leaderboards, and finally, they can earn this token by taking part in the project’s liquidity pool. 

$NSTARS is now available to purchase from Bitmart, which also offers an exclusive staking pool.

While the global music industry is still in recovery mode, the emergence of streaming has aided the proliferation of this billion-dollar industry, opening doors for Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asian markets. NAFSTARS bridges the music industry with the budding concept of NFTs. 


NAFSTARS is a Polygon-based play-to-earn and NFT platform that allows users to collect branded artist cards. By leveraging technology, NAFSTARS offers users rewards for playing games and enables artists to gain immensely from their online popularity. The introduction of its native token $NSTARS, along with its fast-growing artist and investor community proves that this project is here to stay. 

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