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Nabeel Ahmad Announces the Launch of a New Software Agency Aiming to Disrupt the Tech Industry

We are finally in an age where technology is at its peak. The internet is practically powering life as we know it. From marketing, to news announcements, to social interactions, everything is being done online. In this day and age, the right technological solutions are more important than ever, for both individuals and companies. 

Nabeel Ahmad is one entrepreneur who understood the importance of being a part of the exponentially growing technology solutions industry. He has announced that he is launching BulletCoders, a new software outsourcing company. 

“The internet is here to stay. The technology industry is only going to keep growing,” Nabeel says. “We want to be a part of that growth, and that is why I launched BulletCoders.” 

Prior to launching this new business venture, Nabeel has been involved in numerous other successful businesses. He is the founder and CEO of Vertabyte, a full-service digital media agency. He is also running a public relations and communications firm, alongside some other companies. 

“The software industry is full of agencies, but often it’s hard to find a reliable agency that can provide real value,” Nabeel said. “We want to change that.” 

Nabeel has been involved with the software industry for the past 7 years.

While he doesn’t code himself, due to his various businesses, he has gotten a chance to work with hundreds of coders. 

BulletCoders will be working mostly with enterprise-level clients. They will be dealing with a range of services, from website development, to mobile application development, and much more. Aside from that, they will also be providing solutions related to many emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. 

“Our mode of engagement with clients will be based primarily around providing dedicated developers to offshore companies,” Nabeel stated. “There are many top corporations that need talented developers that can augment their team. So, we will provide them with dedicated developers for their team which they can hire on monthly retainers at a fraction of the cost.”

While their primary model with be providing dedicated developers, BulletCoders will also offer fixed price project model to some select clients. However, this option will not be available for everyone. 

Currently 22 years old, Nabeel Ahmad has done quite well for himself as an entrepreneur, and is running multiple successful 6-figure businesses. 

Nabeel dropped out of college during his freshman year in order to devote all his time to entrepreneurship.   

“College was taking too much of my time,” he said. “I knew if I devote all my time to business, I would be way more successful. Dropping out was a very easy decision for me. I knew I was going to drop out the very first day I stepped into college.” 

Since dropping out, Nabeel has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world, including the likes of Walt Disney Studios. 

Nabeel is also a writer for some of the world’s most renowned publications, and his work has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business2Community, Thrive Global, and many more. 

“Having previously worked in a range of industries including marketing, public relations, and branding, I’ll be able to use all the skills I have learned to expand BulletCoders.” Nabeel says.  

BulletCoders plans to expand globally. They will be establishing offices in USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, and many more countries in the months to come.  

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