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I started forex trading three years ago, and during that time, I worked with various brokers, and somehow, none of them were able to satisfy me with successful trading results. I would not say all of them were bad, there were good platforms as well, but they did not offer trading of various assets like my current forex trader. With my friend’s suggestion, I came to know about Nab-Capital. After reading some reviews and doing some research, I took no time to sign up and start trading.
This platform proved its worth in 2 months. Along with a decent trading platform, I was offered multiple trading assets, a customer support team always ready with its services to provide, and faster execution that kept my trading costs down. I decided to write my Nab-Capital Review because I found no review on the internet that did justice to this broker for all the features it has to service its clients. So, here I am writing this review to introduce the forex trader that I believe needs exposure to traders all over the world.
My Nab-Capital Review will include all the positive and negative features. In my opinion, however, I would like to start with the trading platform of this trader.

Trading Platform:
The trading platform of this forex trader was the first thing that grabbed my attention. It was easy to navigate on my first visit, and the color scheme implemented a decent first impression. The main page had all the information I was looking for. I didn’t have to dig any of it. Everything was right in front of me.
Trading multiple tools: I could trade multiple tools on the same screen, and I found that very convenient as a trader invested in different markets simultaneously.

Faster execution:
My transactions were done electronically through an ECN broker via FTP. It simply means that I got my prices instantly to complete my order. With fast-moving currency trading, this broker provided me with excellent prices.
Charts: This platform allowed me to choose the charts based on my preferences. They helped me understand the market with their technical indicators, pivot points, Fibonacci levels, and support and resistance levels.
Filtering features: I used several filtering features on this platform that found me better trading opportunities. Based on my trading requirements, I filtered the currency pair, time frame, symbol price, volume, and trade type.

Customer Service:
The customer support team of this broker is remarkable. It is professional, fast, and always ready to help. This platform has a live chat option on its website, which I use quite often because I get instant replies from the team to guide me. However, there are methods too to opt for customers to contact them. The e-mail or a phone call. I have not called the team throughout my experience, but I surely sent a mail to them. I was required to fill out a form with my name, the service I wanted to avail of, and my e-mail address. To my surprise, they gave me a detailed answer within 24 hours, explaining why I had the problem and what needed to be done to sort out the issue. The team provides services from Monday to Friday, but I never found it an issue while working on weekends.

The Accounts:
Nab-Capital provides six accounts to its clients. These accounts are created to suit the requirements of traders. Every trader has a budget and his own strategy, and these accounts are designed to fit all of the basic needs of every kind. The minimum deposit I paid to open the basic self-managed account was €250. For every successful trading, the trader has an option to upgrade his account to a higher level, but the most VIP account called Libra requires an invitation by the platform. Following are the accounts Nab-Capital offers:

Self-Managed €250+
Basic €5,000+
Gold €10,000+
Platinum €25,000+
Diamond €50,000+
Libra Invitation Only
Alongside upgrading accounts, I customized some features to match my style, which is a unique feature that my previous broker did not have.

Educational Centre:
My trading became easier with all the support from the educational resources offered to the clients of this platform. There are many eBooks free of cost. One of them I liked and printed. These eBooks are beneficial for every kind of trader. They contain valuable information and knowledge of the forex market. I found the educational service of the platform very convenient in improving my existing knowledge of trading. I believe I have upgraded from a beginner’s level trader to an experienced one thanks to these resources.

In my Nab-Capital Reviews, I would add up one of the unique benefits of this platform. When I was trading cryptocurrencies, I was offered maximum leverage of 1:50. It was a sign for me; I believe in making bigger trades with less money. On Bitcoin, 2:1 leverage is offered, while with other currencies, 1:1 is offered, unlike other platforms that do not provide leverage at all while trading cryptocurrencies.

Tradable assets:
As I have already discussed, Nab-Capital offers a variety of tradable assets to its clients. I have used these assets to build my portfolio. These assets vary from traditional bonds to cryptocurrencies and commodities. I had access to the global market using this platform. It was very profitable for me as I had a free hand to invest in whatever I thought had the best chance to earn me profits. Nab-Capital offers the listed assets.

Copy Trading and trading social network:
These two features are the distinct features of the Nab-Capital that make it special from other platforms. On this platform, I found many remarkable portfolios of traders, and with the copy trader feature, I got an opportunity more an option to trade like them, following each one of their trades. This helped me gain experience that bulked up my portfolio just like the traders I was following. Moreover, this broker provided a social network for me to socialize with other traders. I believe it is a great initiative to allow traders to meet people who share the same interests. While following traders alongside trading, I was also guided by fellow traders when I had a hard time. It felt nice that someone was there for my support, wishing me to succeed.

The Cons of Nab-Capital:
So far, reading my Nab-Capital Review you have been exposed to the positive services and features of the platform.

Now I will list some of the areas where I believe Nab-Capital needs improvement.

No Demo Accounts:
When I decided to work on this platform, I was hoping to trade with fake money using a demo account due to my insecurities. But, this service is not available to the customers.
In my opinion, demo accounts would be an excellent proposal to attract all those investors who do not have experience and are afraid to trade because of the risks. This service will provide them with a kind experience that will boost their confidence.

Availability of a Mobile App:
With all the perfect features of the trader, I was taken aback to see that this trader did not have a mobile app. Many traders prefer trading on Mobile apps. In a phone-centric era, I would suggest Nab-Capital introduce their Mobile App for convenient trading.

Minimum Deposit Fee:
The minimum deposit fee that I paid to open an account on this platform is $250. Being a trader with some experience, the minimum required amount did not hinder my decision to choose this platform, but many traders hesitate to start trading with this amount as it might be out of their budgets. I would offer a kind proposal for the trader to lower the minimum deposit and allow inexperienced traders to create accounts.

Personal Managers:
When I created a self-managed account, I was not provided with my personal account manager, which in my opinion, is not fair. The basic account holders are the ones who need assistance the most, not the experienced traders. I would suggest the platform provide account managers to all account holders regardless of their status and background.

Video Tutorials:
The education center of this forex trader provides free-of-cost eBooks to its clients. But, books are not welcomed by everyone as they require reading time and concentration. The broker does not provide video tutorials for its clients to watch, as books can be boring to some people.

I am hopeful that all of your questions have been answered while reading the review till the end. If this broker has reached your needs and requirements, please do your research before deciding on anything. I propose you read as many reviews as possible to choose your platform.
I will conclude my Nab-Capital Reviews with a Good Luck wish to you in your quest to find a perfect broker for you.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the company during your trading experience.

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