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MYTVCHAIN Brings Decentralised Sports Web TV Platform to Blockshow Asia

27th Nov, Singapore and Sophia Antipolis, France – French-based MYTVCHAIN brings the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes, powered by blockchain technology, to Blockshow Asia in Singapore Nov 28th – 29th, their first foray into Asia. Sports clubs can create their own web TV and animate their communities on the platform and at the same time generate revenue to develop and support their activities, thereby helping sports clubs to build brand loyalty and accelerate growth in the development of sport club channels.

Due to generally declining advertising-based revenue models in media on the web, sports clubs need to find new sources of funding video content and dissemination. MYTVCHAIN has the answer in the form of a community-driven blockchain-powered platform. MYTVCHAIN users are rewarded in tokens when they view content on the platform and can utilize these tokens for a variety of transactions – from supporting their favourite clubs or content producers with donations, to purchasing services or videos from MYTVCHAIN and more. The platform is up and running and already onboards its first sports clubs in France.

By implementing tokenization and crowdfunding, the MYTVCHAIN platform facilitates and incentivizes transactions within its ecosystem. For its ICO (Initial Coin Offering), to facilitate ease of token purchase, MYTVCHAIN is deploying a fiat-based payment gateway, using money transfers for payments. This is good news for the larger community who may be new to but interested in cryptocurrencies, as it breaks down the ‘crypto barrier’. Seasoned crypto investors will still be able to purchase tokens using crypto-based payments.

The MYTVCHAIN token is already pre-approved to be listed on established exchange at the end of the ICO, with more exchanges to be announced at a later stage, a sure sign that the token is poised to be of interest even to the risk-averse. For more information on the MYTVCHAIN project, please visit


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