Mylar Bags: The Different Styles and Benefits

Mylar Bags: The Different Styles and Benefits

Mylar bags are a popular choice among businesses looking for an affordable and easy way to package products. They are easy to use and require minimal effort, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants a quick, affordable and durable solution.

What is a Mylar Bag?

A mylar bag is a thin, flexible packaging pouch. They are typically used for storing food products and retail products. Mylar bags have many benefits over traditional storage methods.

Mylar packaging is durable, it doesn’t allow air to leak out, and they require much less storage space than other types of packaging such as jars or boxes.

These pouches are typically used to store dry goods for long periods of time. Custom printed mylar bags are often seen in grocery stores where they are used to package nuts, cereals, and other dry goods that last for more than 5 years.

What are the Benefits of using Mylar Packaging?

Mylar pouches are an excellent choice for packaging due to their many benefits.

5 benefits of using mylar bags for packaging:

  1. They are lightweight and reusable.
  2. They are airtight and moisture-proof.
  3. They offer a high degree of protection.
  4. They provide a professional appearance for the product being packaged.
  5. The bags can be used in conjunction with other types of packaging to create a unique look for the product.

The benefits of mylar storage bags are many. They keep products safe from any external damage and have the capability to preserve and protect food by blocking off oxygen, light, and moisture.

A mylar bag is an effective way to store dry foods from grains to nuts. These bags are also seen for storing cheese, deli meat, flour, sugar, and more! They can be resealed so they are also very convenient for consumers alike.

Mylar Bag Pouch Styles

There are many different types of pouches available on the market today with different sizes and shapes that can be used for different purposes. They are made in two styles:

  • Stand up pouch: The stand-up pouch is a type of packaging bag that can be sealed at the top and bottom by heat sealing or with a zipper. It is referred to as the “stand up pouch” because it has a bottom pouch which gives the package the ability to stand up without the need for additional support.
  • Flat pouch: The flat pouch is an efficient way to package food and other items that need to be sealed. Made with a layer of heat sealable material, they create an airtight seal with three-sided sealed and opened on one side to dispense its contents. This type of pouch is often used in the food industry and has many benefits such as being space efficient, convenient to use, inexpensive, and flexible.

Stand up pouches consist of a sheet of polyester film that has been sealed at the edges to form an airtight, gas-tight, water-tight and liquid-tight barrier.

Custom Printing Mylar Bags

Custom-printed mylar bags are a great way to promote your business and get your name out in the public eye. They’re also a great way to keep things fresh and new for your customers.

You can use them for advertising, or you can use them as a giveaway at trade shows. Custom stand up pouches are customizable on the front, back, bottom and even inside, so you can put your logo or message on and inside the pouch.

If you want to save money on marketing, think about investing in custom printed mylar bags. These bags are a great way to increase your brand awareness and attract more customers.

4 Tips for Customizing your own Packaging Bags

Custom packaging is a confusing and expensive process to find the right company. There are many different types of custom packaging, so it can be hard to know what you need. But you can avoid this stress by following these tips for finding the right company for your needs.

  1. Find out which type of custom packaging bags you need.
  2. Figure out what your budget is.
  3. Research the companies that offer the type of packaging that you need, and then compare them based on price, service, and quality.
  4. Contact each company in person or via email with any questions or concerns that you have about their services.

Finding a Pouch Supplier: Where to Buy Mylar Bags

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a pouch supplier is the quality of the materials that they use. A good pouch supplier should be thick and ready to stand up to wear and tear.

It’s important to consider the minimum number of pouches to start an order. The number of pouches you need will depend on your budget and target customers. For example, some companies have an MOQ of 5,000 to 10,000 pouches. MOQ is the minimum order quantity.

There are many companies that supply pouches, but not all are equal. BRANDMYDISPO is one such company and has been supplying pouches for years now. Some companies provide only a few pouches, while others provide dozens of different varieties.

BRANDMYDISPO has the widest range of pouches, including custom-shaped pouches, ones for food storage, and even pouches that are biodegradable. Their uniquely-designed products are made of lightweight and durable materials, so the company ensures the products will last.

Best of all, to start customizing the MOQ to start is only 100 mylar bags and the design services are included free.

How to Print Mylar Bags

Printing mylar bags is a fantastic way to promote your brand. It is a great way to make your company more recognizable and memorable.

Here are the steps on how to print mylar bags:

  • Choose a supplier.
  • Choose a size and materials.
  • Design your bag.
  • Start printing your design.
  • Enjoy!

You can have your logo and company design printed on your mylar bags in no time!


BRANDMYDISPO is a custom packaging company that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom packaging for companies of all sizes. From the initial consultation to the design process, they will take care of everything.

The company provides customers with a variety of options for their custom packaging needs. They have a wide range of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from so you can get just what you need for your product line.

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