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Myia Elliott: A Trailblazing Producer of Hollywood’s New Era

The Genesis of this Visionary Producer’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her performance in the six-time Emmy-winning series “The Tudors ” for Showtime. She worked alongside actors like Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill. Her experience in front of the camera on that series ignited her passion for storytelling, whichlater became instrumental in her transition to film production.

Elliott is a producer who brings an extensive skill set across multiple departments, setting her apart in Hollywood and abroad. Her knowledge and experience give her a holistic approach to the film development and production process. She has learned production and creative development From Academy Award-winning producers and multiple Academy Award-winning writers. She is a qualified sound engineer in Dolby Atmos and was trained by 14 x platinum Grammy-winning mix engineers and grammy winning producers alongside some of the biggest names in Hip hop and rap. She is Dolby Vision certified, and her extensive knowledge in color grading and cinematic mastering showcases her comprehensive understanding of film production. Her diverse knowledge, combined with her hands-on experience in camera operation and movement,, sets her apart as a new kind of producer, blending creativity with technical expertise. Elliotts virtual production education with Gnomon and an International postgraduate degree in Creative Production and Screen Finance From one of the worlds top film schools have contributed to her outstanding foundation for production development and success.

Elliott’s approach to film production combines holistic creative vision with business acumen while skilfully integrating emerging technologies, as seen in her upcoming Production Slate, including projects like “The Lens Between Us,” “Void,” “Belfast Thunder,” and “The Most Famous Artist you’ve Never Heard of ,” projects that combine complex character narratives with cutting-edge virtual production techniques and visual effects. Her global perspective and ability to identify Lucrative opportunities have established her as an astute businesswoman and a producer to watch in Hollywood. Her collaborations with diverse talents across the globe, including 15-time Emmy-winning Engineers and Broadcast Hall of Fame recipients, international artists and cast from leading shows like “Shameless”, “ The Wire” and “Perry Mason”, bring a unique perspective to her projects and showcase her ability to seamlessly integrate advanced technology with compelling stories to redefine the traditional boundaries of filmmaking.

In addressing gender imbalances in Hollywoodfilm, Elliott’s focus on technology in film production extends to a critical awareness of AI biases and the phenomenon of AI hallucinations. She highlights that these biases can lead to skewed outcomes in AI-driven processes, ultimately negatively affecting the consumer. Elliott is committed to using technology to foster equality in their industry. She advocates for more diverse development teams in AI studios and tools. She recognizes that equality is crucial for representing varied and inclusive narratives for the audience.

Elliott’s approach is not just about using technology for cinematic innovation; it’s about harnessing these tools to create a more equitable and representative film industry where independent companies can more easily compete at scale with larger corporations. Her dedication to equality and early adoption of technological advancements in entertainment make her a uniquely influential female in Hollywood. Elliott’s vision for the future is balancing her creative pursuits with her technical endeavors; she is aiming to blend strong narrative sensibilities from Irish and Northern Irish culture with Hollywood’s business and technological advancements, making her an astoundingly talented producer to watch.

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