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Myflightsearch Review 2022

Myflightsearch Review 2022

MyFlightSearch, one of the fastest-growing online travel agencies equipped with cutting-edge technology and known for its highly trained travel experts has just introduced a wide range of ingenious customer support services and innovative travel deals for customers. In the recent past, since the start of the pandemic, the helm at MyFlightSearch had to go through an intense evolution as with any other business be it online, offline, or hybrid. To dig deeper into their business, the structure, and how they have been handling all the issues related to their products and customer service, we managed a brief discussion with the CEO and CMO of

The CEO of MyFlightSearch stated that regarding customer service and how they are managing all the issues, “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the service industry was tremendous. The lockdown was so sudden, it became almost impossible to deliver what we always promise our customers, 24*7 customer service with the number of flights being canceled, it was a herculean task for our team to cancel, reschedule or refund hundreds, and thousands of flights in such a short period with very little infrastructure. But we are very fortunate to have a very capable technology and IT team, who worked round the clock to upgrade and set up our technology and infrastructure so we can serve our customers with the best of service.”

He also stated that “It’s been over a year we have been up and running at full scale but we are still dealing with the issues from the initial stages of the COVID 19 lockdown. Even today we have customers calling in with issues related to cancellation and refunds and to clear out these issues, we have set up multiple helplines, from dedicated 24*7 toll-free numbers to email support and our social media platforms, all working around the clock to assist with a refund.”

Discussing the direction and the future of the brand and how MyFlightSearch sees itself, The CEO of MyFlightSearch, stated that “We as a brand have always been focused on making travel affordable and at the same time, the entire experience, right from planning and booking to post travel seamless.

As for the immediate future, we are one hundred percent focused on assisting and resolving our customers with their past bookings, be it in the form of refunds or credits for future travel. We are also partnering with some of the biggest airlines and service providers to offer handpicked flight deals to the most sought-after travel destinations, with fares starting as low as $50. With the entire world opening up, we are also working on some affordable travel deals to Europe, Africa, and Asia.”

About MyFlightSearch

MyFlightSearch is an online travel firm that offers an extensive selection of flight deals almost everywhere in the world. With a wealth of state-of-the-art technology and a great team comprising some of the most seasoned travel industry experts, MyFlightSearch provides a seamless user experience by taking ownership of all its client’s needs and architecting the perfectly tailored travel technology. Also, the immense selection of deals for flights, airline tickets, and hotels for destinations far and wide curtails the travel expenses of its clients significantly.

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