My Lovely Planet is launching one of the largest endowment funds for environmental protection through its mobile game and the blockchain

My Lovely Planet, born out of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, is a free-to-play mobile game for the general public in which every action taken in the game is replicated in the real world to protect the environment. The team aims to create one of the largest endowments for the environment through the use of mobile gaming and blockchain technology.

A game supported by video game giants and loved by the general public.

My Lovely Planet was initiated in 2021 by Clément Le Bras, a serial entrepreneur, Mines Paristech engineer, and former CEO and co-founder of the search engine (6 million active users and €5 million donated to NGOs).

My Lovely Planet is launching one of the largest endowment funds for environmental protection through its mobile game and the blockchain

My Lovely Planet is an innovative mobile Web3 game that acts for environmental protection. It is a fun and engaging mobile video game where players can challenge their friends to mini-games and build the most beautiful island!

The game already has over 10,000 active players on both Android and iOS. Moreover, the project is supported, among others, by Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab at Station F, and received recognition from Unity as part of the “Unity for Humanity creator program,” the world’s largest competition for impact-driven video games.

The concept appeals particularly to the new generation. With over 500k followers on the social media platform Tiktok, the My Lovely Planet team has found a supportive and engaged audience that backs the project.

When you plant a tree in the game, you plant a tree in the real world!

“When you plant trees in the game, we plant trees in the real world.” That’s the magic of My Lovely Planet. Ecology for all, in mobile gaming version.

My Lovely Planet is the crazy idea of creating a mobile game that’s accessible to everyone to protect the environment while having fun and making friends.

The concept is as simple as it is revolutionary: My Lovely Planet transforms all of your actions in the game into real positive impact for the environment. For example, when a player plants trees in the game, it plants trees in the real world. Similarly, when a player cleans up litter on their island, it cleans up litter in the oceans, and when a player protects animals on their island, My Lovely Planet protects biodiversity in the real world.

How? By donating a portion of its total revenue to NGOs that work directly in the field. 

My Lovely Planet is launching one of the largest endowment funds for environmental protection through its mobile game and the blockchain

Today, My Lovely Planet is already working with Eden Reforestation for reforestation and forest protection, with Sea Shepherd France for ocean protection, SPA for animal protection, Plastic Bank for cleaning up the oceans, and Un toit pour les abeilles to finance beehives.

My Lovely Planet’s goal is to create a community of 100 million players to act together by 2030 while having fun:

-Plant 1 billion trees

-Clean up 1 million tonnes of ocean waste

-Protect biodiversity (40k endangered species)

With My Lovely Planet, you can play an ultra-fun game, meet and challenge thousands of other players, and have a personal and collective impact in protecting the planet

« I plant trees »
In Game sneak peek – ©My Lovely Planet / Imagine

Blockchain technology for the environment

On Monday, May 15th, My Lovely Planet announced the launch of its environmental endowment fund based on blockchain technology and its eco-friendly cryptocurrency, My Lovely Coin (MLC).

“The first question that may come to mind is, ‘Can we really create an eco-friendly cryptocurrency?’ The answer is yes. My Lovely Coin, our cryptocurrency, is based on the Polygon blockchain. It is very energy-efficient, consuming 2 million times less energy than bitcoin for the same number of transactions, and is carbon positive.” said Clément Le Bras, founder of My Lovely Planet.

So how can blockchain finance the environment?

The idea is simple yet very powerful.

When creating a cryptocurrency, you can choose who initially owns that currency. There will be 1 billion My Lovely Coins issued on the market, and not a single one more. This mechanism is similar to Bitcoin, which will ultimately issue 21 million bitcoins in total. This mechanism helps ensure the value of a cryptocurrency.

My Lovely Planet has chosen to allocate 40% of these 1 billion coins to an environmental fund, which amounts to 400 million MLC.

The goal of My Lovely Planet’s founders is to become one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, which was valued at $2.4 billion in April 2023. This would mean that the value of the Environmental Treasury would reach over one billion dollars in just a few years.

My Lovely Planet has already sold €750,000 worth of My Lovely Coin to date and aims to sell another €2 million to fund its development.

If you want to join the My Lovely Planet community and take action for environmental protection in a fun and simple way, you can:

-Test the game on Android, or Apple 

-Buy My Lovely Coin directly on our website:

About: My Lovely Planet is a game developed by the company Imagine, a mission-driven company based in France and incubated at Laval Mayenne Technopole. Clément Le Bras, founder of My Lovely Planet, is a social entrepreneur. After graduating from Mines ParisTech in 2014, he launched the search engine Today, the solidarity search engine has donated more than 5 million euros to hundreds of associations in France and internationally.

My Lovely Planet has 10,000 active players, raised 750,000 euros, and has a community of 500,000 people on its social media platforms.

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