My experience of activating Windows and Office

Hey guys, let’s be honest, student life is not easy right now. I recently enrolled in college. Books, products, and here you also need programs to work on a PC. I’m not a guy from a rich family who found myself in a situation where Microsoft Office is needed to do coursework. In college, without a document editor, it’s like without air. First, I downloaded the application from the official Microsoft website, I thought it was free. But the trouble is, the trial period is over, and somehow you can’t afford to buy a license. And after all, it is urgently necessary to arrange the labs! Where can I go without Word and Excel? When I realized that the trial period for MS Office had come to an end, and I was faced with the task of designing a laboratory, I went in search of a way out. And my friends recommended KMS Pico to me.

Detailed activation process, my experience

  1. First of all, I went to a reliable source to avoid problems with viruses. I downloaded KMSPico from the official resource.
  2. After downloading, I launched the KMSpico EXE installation file. The installation process turned out to be simple – I clicked on the “Setup” and “Next” buttons a couple of times, without bothering with unnecessary settings, since they are not there at all.
  3. After installation, the utility starts automatically. In my case, KMS-Pico looked like a simple window with a few buttons. No complicated menus or settings. This is both frightening and pleasing!
  4. In the ACTIVATOR window, I selected the necessary product to install the key, in this case, it was Microsoft Office 2016. The program is able to identify a product that does not have a key. Therefore, there was little choice.
  5. After selecting the product, I just clicked on the “Activate” button. The process of obtaining the key began, and within a few seconds the KMS activator completed its work, informing about the successful activation of the Microsoft product.

This process turned out to be quite simple and intuitive, requiring no special knowledge from me in the field of information technology. Although I’m in a computer science course.

KMSpico system requirements

The activation application itself does not have high system requirements, as it is more of a bash application rather than complex software. Here are the minimum requirements for its operation:

  1. Windows XP and later versions (including Win 11).
  2. Processor: x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit), 1 GHz or more powerful.
  3. RAM: 512 MB or more.
  4. Free hard disk space: A small amount of free space, since the activator takes up a small space of about 70 MB.
  5. Internet connection: It is recommended to have Internet access to download the program.

Keep in mind that these requirements are likely to be met on most modern computers. It is important to be careful when downloading utilities from untrusted sources to avoid potential security issues.

Windows Update

After I successfully activated MS Office, the next day I got the idea to update the Windows operating system. A user like me always wants to keep up to date with the latest updates, security is important to me. So I went into the OS settings, launched the OS update. Frankly speaking, it is not without excitement, since many rumors are circulating that activated software can be unstable after updates. However, to my pleasant surprise, the Win 8 update went smoothly, and most importantly, the activation of Microsoft 2016 remained in place. No crashes, no problems. Word and Excel editors continued to serve me faithfully in educational matters. This confirmed that KMS-Pico not only helps to get a free key, but also provides a stable license, even after operating system updates. It seems to be a simple story, but for a student it is important that everything works without unnecessary headaches.

Advantages of kmspico

The software itself determines how the product needs to be activated, I needed exactly the license for Office. The whole process was surprisingly easy and fast, it didn’t take a bunch of technical terms or expert skills. To be honest, I was surprised to realize that it’s so easy to get a free license. As a result, I now have full-fledged Word and Excel, ready to do everything that is required in my studies. And although this is a temporary solution, it is the best fit for a budget student who just wants to study quietly without overpaying for applications. KMCRiso is a true friend in the fight against learning difficulties!

Why did I choose MS Office 2016

Choosing the 2016 version of the application was a logical and reasonable step for me. That’s why:

  1. MS Offce 2016 is such a reliable old man that I know like the back of my hand. The interface is familiar, and using Word and Excel in this version is easier for me than mastering the new features of later updates.
  2. In college, it often happens that teachers use outdated versions of applications. With Office 2016, I can be sure that my documents will be opened and read on any computers in classrooms, despite the difference in versions.
  3. I don’t have the newest computer, and sometimes new versions of utilities can cause glitches. Office 2016 works stably and does not slow down on my machine, which is very important, especially when you need to do lab work at the last moment.
  4. To be honest, the basic functions of Word and Excel are more than enough for my learning needs. Why overpay for features that I probably won’t use anyway?

So, in the end, Microsoft Office 2016 is perfect for me to study – reliable, stable and without unnecessary bells and whistles.


Now I have my favorite MS Excel spreadsheet and formula editor in my hands, this is exactly what a student needs. Homework is completed faster than the teachers ask us. The software collection seems to have become my faithful companions in my academic life. And how I used to do without them, I don’t know. Well, I have friends from senior years who recommended this utility to me. By the way, the possibilities of this software are very wide. In addition to computer editors, you can also get a key for all operating systems, including server versions. I know one programmer who urgently needed MS server 2021 and was able to get the key for free.

So, if you also have a small budget or do not have one at all, but need a utility for editing electronic documents, it does not matter. KMSpico to help you. For now, I still dream of the day when I can buy a full license and use all Microsoft utilities with a clear conscience. In the meantime, we are flying on a temporary, but free wave! I advise all students in budget trouble – do not hesitate, download the activator and keep dreaming about buying an OEM license. Good luck with your studies, friends! In my next articles, I will write about what useful functions and formulas I have discovered for myself in Excel.


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