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MVP launches Global Ambassador Program to accelerate the implementation of 100 million Web 2.0 users into the world of web 3.0

MVP launches Global Ambassador Program

Multiverse Play (MVP) is a global-leading NFT asset management platform. With a cutting-edge intelligent scheduling system, MVP can build connections between NFT holders and P2E players while establishing the bridge for hundreds of millions of people to Web 3.0.

Not only has MVP delivered top-level collaborative projects, but it also has been successfully partnered with over 20 games, 100 guilds, and 2,000 Web3 influencers. Further, more than 30,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 community members are also contributing to the rapid and lively development of MVP.

MVP is committed to building a worldwide consensus organization with a strong emphasis on localized operations. In the next stage, MVP will put more emphasis on global operations so that more people can understand and enter the world of web 3.0. We believe that ‘The best internationalization is localization,’ and locals’ promotion is essential for the consensus dissemination of the Web3 projects.

We look forward to diverse international members joining our organization. Hence the MVP global ambassador team was born. To further expand our geographic presence and build a network that can reach different regions of the world, MVP is now recruiting 30 influential ambassadors from 20 countries and areas who recognize the philosophy and values of the MVP project.

Recruiting progress

The Multiverse Play Global Ambassador Program is now operating on an international scope. As MVP is having a greater impact on the Web 3 industry, we need our Ambassadors also have the same vision as us, which includes the following criteria.

We are looking for someone enthusiastic about Web3, especially GameFi development, who holds the same value and objective with Multiverse Play and can share these concepts with a larger audience; has a proactive mindset; is persistent and able to persevere through challenging tasks.

An Ambassador is also a DAO member of Multiverse Play, meaning you are also an organization owner. Therefore, you will work with MVP members and represent MVP to enhance our connection with other communities and organizations through events and exhibitions.

Ambassador privileges

Multiverse Play Ambassadors will work closely with our team members across the globe. From this, you will get more opportunities to build connections with industry leaders and experts. Moreover, ambassadors will get an extra reward for outstanding contributions to MVP development.

As a globally growing DAO organization, MVP places great importance on regional vocal representation. All ambassadors receive a special honorary title and will be listed in MVP’s official documents. All users, project parties, and investors will have the opportunity to communicate and exchange with the ambassador about MVP and the Web3 industry.

In addition, ambassadors will work with MVP’s core team, with access to first-hand project information and unique industry insights.

As the most trusted and quality community member of MVP, the global ambassador will act as the spokesperson of MVP, representing the brand in various activities, participating in ecological co-construction, and contributing to the advancement of the web3 industry.

Finally, there is no doubt that benefit sharing is the basis for forming a healthy partnership. Global ambassadors are family to MVP, granting them early access to various MVP benefits.

Enrolment method => How to Apply

To Apply:

Fill out the application form at

After submission, we will carefully review your application which normally takes around three business days.

As a global ambassador, you will be deeply involved in building MVP together as one of our most trusted partners, spreading MVP’s voice to every corner of the world. You will grow with MVP, and we will build a more diverse and transparent consensus organization. We are very much looking forward to your arrival. Join us now and make you a Web3 life winner.

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