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MUZEN’s Brand New CyberShell Speaker Gives Other Brands a Run for Their Money


Technology is everywhere today, from our phones to our appliances, our cars to our accessories. Whether transportable or wearable, technology impacts our lives, and the industry is full of options for the consumer market. However, one company has taken the potential of modern technology to a whole new level and is pushing boundaries when it comes to sound and entertainment. Elevating the concept of speakers, the MUZEN CyberShell is changing the game with a blend of innovation and quality.

An astonishing invention in audio innovation, the MUZEN CyberShell TWS speaker brings customers a unique music listening experience through its groundbreaking design. “When it comes to video and virtual gaming sound technology, there was so much we found we could not only improve but also integrate,” explained one of the engineers behind the product.

The CyberShell speaker offers superior sound quality, extra deep bass, dual speaker stereo sound, and full RGB lights, making it elevate your senses and immerse yourself in an other-worldly reality. Designed with Ambilight technology to create a cyber atmosphere, the speaker projects RGB light effects while maintaining its crystal-clear definition. “The MUZEN CyberShell is a step above other products on the market because we didn’t just design it for the sound; we created it for the overall experience,” explained a company spokesperson.

A product created specifically for people looking for a superb sound and novel entertainment experience, the MUZEN CyberShell is innovative in ways that other brands can hardly even imagine. Moreover, the MUZEN CyberShell is designed to look stunning and attention-grabbing. Sleek and futuristic, the product has a cutting-edge quality, making it something that can be readily displayed or incorporated into your decor, or as an extension of your gaming setup.

“We are beyond excited for the launch,” stated a member of the design team. “Our speaker is something that the market has needed for a long time. Modern gaming is an experience that deserves a quality product, and the MUZEN CyberShell authentically relays that.”

MUZEN has indeed come out with a product that gives other brands in this niche a run for their money. Grab the CyberShell today to experience the sound of the future!


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