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Must Have Winter Accessories For Truck Lovers

Trucks are ideal for winter weather because most have four-wheel or all-wheel drive for icier conditions. Despite the advantages of truck ownership in the colder and wetter seasons, many owners will still need a few upgrades to get their truck winter ready.

While truck owners have many options for modifications and installations, not everything is worth their hard-earned money. This winter, save some dough and buy the equipment and additions that will actually make a difference, like a retractable truck bed cover.

1. Tonneau Covers for Cold Protection

A tonneau cover is a truck bed cover that is either flexible, like a roll-top, or hard, like a modular top. The tops come in various styles, and you can purchase them with manual or electronic features. Electronic options are more expensive but may offer a bit of extra security.

The covers are great for the winter months because they allow you to keep the bed dry. A dry bed allows for usable storage, which is excellent for winter grocery shopping or construction projects.

2. Seat Covers for Warmth

When people think of seat covers, they typically think of neoprene or canvas options. While both options are great for protecting the seat from stains and damage, they do little to keep your toosh warm and toasty on those frigid cold mornings.

You can find truck seat covers made from sheepskin or other options with heating integration. Why spend one more winter morning freezing when a simple purchase can ensure your buns stay warm?

3. All-Weather Floor Mats

If there is one thing the winter is known for it is snow and ice. Both elements contribute to mud and slush, which will easily wreck your truck’s interior floors.

You can protect your truck’s interior by purchasing a set of all-weather floor mats, which are usually made from durable rubber and made to fit specific vehicle models. If you aren’t sure which mats to pick up, consult your local auto parts guru.

4. Portable Battery Jump Start

Cold weather is not good for your vehicle’s battery. The temperatures can drain the power of your battery as it increases the stress of the environment. From power loss to slow chemical reactions, you must cover your bases to ensure you can safely get from point A to B.

A portable jump start battery is the perfect emergency solution for stalled or dead batteries. The mobile devices carry enough charge to re-power your battery and get you on your way.

5. Electric Winch

Even if your truck has AWD or 4WD, ice can present several problems. Winter roadways are dangerous and often cause accidents. If you or someone else ends up in a ditch, you might not be able to wait for emergency services. An electric winch is ideal for getting yourself out of precarious situations.

From seat covers to brakes for cars and everything in between, there are too many options for winter accessories. The five above items offer a good foundation of products for winter driving safety. Talk to an auto parts specialist for more information.

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