Must-have Features To Look For When Buying A House In Welland

Canada welcomed about 431,645 new permanent residents in the year 2022 and if the experts are right in 2023 this number will be a lot larger and for good reason. After all Canada as a country is one of the most welcoming in the world to a range of ethnicities and provides them with some of the best employment and residential options. Real estate in Welland Ontario is perhaps one of the best examples of all that Canada has to offer. 

Known as the Rose City because of its long-lasting history and tradition of rose growing, Welland, Ontario is only an hour of drive away from the city of Hamilton. Not only that, this city is also home to the Welland Canal and a series of important railways connecting Canada and the United States. Because of this Welland is a thriving city with a strong economy and a good educational system. The city’s location has been a major factor in its development, and it is likely to continue to attract businesses and residents in the years to come.

Now you might think that all of this probably makes the housing in Welland quite expensive but you would be wrong as Welland, Ontario provides not only some of the best home-buying options but also some of the most affordable in Canada. According to the HPI Index (which is a figure based on a composite benchmark that represents the average home in the region) of Niagara Association of Realtors in April 2023 in Welland the average home for sale was priced at $592,000 which is considerably lower when compared to a city like Toronto. 

Suffice to say that if you have already chosen Welland real estate as a place to call home then your money is right on the mark. That being said simply finding the right location is only a small part of the home buying process after all the thing you want the most is the right property. So here are 5 house features that you should definitely be on the lookout for when house hunting in Welland, Ontario.


First off, let’s talk about the temperatures. Welland winters are like trying to survive inside a giant ice cube. It’s so cold that your nostrils freeze shut the moment you step outside, and your breath turns into icy vapor, making you look like a human dragon—minus the fire-breathing, of course. So if you have a built in fireplace in the house you are certainly ready for those long shiver inducing months. In my opinion, the best way to go about it is to find or simply install a gas fireplace as those erase the need to fetch and stock woods. All you would have to do then is just flip a switch and you are ready with the perfect mix of comfort and cozy.


At the end of the day, a home is only as good as the surrounding neighbourhood. Now, picture this: you’re strolling through a neighbourhood where you find a house for sale in Welland that’s got it all. Economic opportunities? Check. Social connections? Double check. Recreational amenities? Triple check! We’re talking parks, cafes, shopping centres, and maybe even a secret club for cat lovers (because who doesn’t love cats, right?). Welland is brimming with some amazing neighbourhoods all you have got to do is find it. So make sure to do your research on not only Welland real estate but also on the neighbourhoods ratings, nearby schools and amenities before you sign that dotted line.


I don’t think I have to sell you on the purchase of a house with a Patio after all 58% of homeowners in Canada have a patio (78% if you are from British Colombia). Human beings are social creatures meaning we like to interact with each other and derive meaning in our lives through the said interactions. This results in occasional events of gatherings where we indulge in a variety of activities such as dining, entertaining and relaxing. A patio goes a long way in this regard as it provides since it is the right kind of added space for those purposes. So the next time you are in Welland looking for a home a patio should be on your list of demands.


When it comes to buying a house in Welland, Ontario, one feature that’s an absolute must-have is storage space. I mean, let’s face it, you’re going to need all the space you can get to hide those embarrassing family photos, the collection of questionable fashion choices you swore was cool at some point, and let’s not forget about that secret stash of chocolate you don’t want anyone finding. Plus, with Welland’s unpredictable weather, you’ll need room for all those seasonal items that seem to magically multiply every year. And hey, who doesn’t want to impress potential buyers with their amazing storage options when it’s time to sell? So, remember folks, storage space isn’t just for your stuff—it’s for your sanity and your hidden chocolate addiction.


Picture this: you’re sitting in your cozy, energy-efficient home, sipping your favourite beverage, and chuckling as your neighbour’s energy bills skyrocket. It’s like a secret victory! And hey, it’s not just about the money; you’re also helping the environment! So while everyone else is out there huffing and puffing, you’re lounging comfortably, knowing you’re doing your part for the planet. Plus, who can resist those government incentives? It’s like winning the lottery, except instead of money, you get to enjoy energy-efficient upgrades. So, folks, when house hunting in Welland, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that energy-efficient gem. It’s the ticket to a financially savvy, eco-friendly, and downright hilarious homeowner experience!


Remember when buying a house in Welland, Ontario timing is everything. In Welland, the highest number of listings happen during the months of June and September while most sales happen during the summer and spring seasons. So, if you are looking to buy during those times you are definitely in for a busy market. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quieter time than winter season is the way to go as they have the longest average days spent on the market. So do your search accordingly. As always it is best if you have a local realtor involved during your search because they tend to make things go your way a lot faster.

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