Music Studio Vs Home Recording Studio

A lot of different people think that whether should they take their studio to their home or not, and it is a question that each musician with home equipment must ultimately ask oneself. I’ve heard bands claim they are saving up cash so that they can buy a studio and as well as they are working with a variety of “cheap” engineers that operate out of their houses, but everything has a cost including the best microphone boom arm.

What if my band wishes to do a live recording?

Of course, none of this applies if your band is not tracking live together. You should save up the scratch and go to the studio together if you want to track together and feel secure and tight as a unit – something that home recording typically can’t do. Pre-production, editing, and pre-mixing can all be done at home, but if you can have 5 entire songs tracked in 10 hours, do yourself a favor and go to a studio.

What about learning to master something?

One of the most essential as well as most important things that you need to consider while choosing whether you should choose the home studio or the music studio is what are you learning. In terms of mastering, I strongly advise you to see a professional. Mastering is a distinct talent that takes a different approach to the mix. Nothing can replace a good mastering engineer, even if the mixing engineer does a hasty and nasty compression and EQ.

Studio vs. home recording

Now you may start determining what you’ll do in the studio and what you will do at home. There are numerous amazing amp simulators available that give decent samples of their wares, so recording your instruments directly and then adjusting the sound in the box won’t result in any loss of sound or power. 

Making a mock track is the first step in the plan.

Make a fake track for you and/or the other musicians to follow after you’ve constructed what the song will sound like. This just requires recording a demo of the song and then creating many distinct mixes, including the entire demo, a version without drums. 

Create a strategy.

One of the most essential as well as the most important things that you need to consider while choosing whether you should choose the home studio or the music studio, you need to create a strategy. Pre-production is the first thing an artist should do before recording. Make a list of everything you will need ahead of time. The studio is not the place to test whether you can finally get that middle harmony — it would be a waste of time and money. 

The Final Words

After reading this article, now you know everything about studios including but not limited to the music studios as well as the home recording studios. you also get to know the difference between these two studios.

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