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Music Artists Now Have More Opportunities to Get Their Brand Out

Music Artists Now Have More Opportunities to Get Their Brand Out

If you are in the music world, you probably know a bit about how Justin Bieber got famous by playing his guitar in a YouTube music video. You’ve also probably heard how the Beatles got famous from playing in small bars in Liverpool.

The list could go on and on, but the point is the same; generally speaking, famous singers and groups needed a very lucky break somewhere. Had Justin Bieber posted his video a year later, YouTube’s algorithm may have been too big to pick him up. Had the Beatles taken off a night, Brian Epstein may have never discovered them.

The industry is changing. With online resources and companies working with artists to get their careers going, there seems to be a window of opportunity for more independent artists to really take off.

Music is Personal

Equity Distribution is fixing one of the biggest complaints in the music industry with new business models coming out for artists, that allow artists to retain ownership rights but still work with a label, versus having to forfeit more rights to record labels in order to advance their music careers.

This means, unlike many recording studio companies, the rights remain with the artist. Decisions as far as editing, content, and media rights aren’t sold to the record company to change or edit whatever they want without consulting the artist first.

Having ownership and control over the music is something that many artists don’t have anymore. Many may recall the situation with Taylor Swift and her previous record company. Even with her fame and influence, the record company still had control of her music.

If that happened to her, imagine what would happen to anyone else who tried to get their music back without these services.

The Other Side of Going Big

Any musical artist will tell you; talent will only get you so far. Even television shows such as American Idol and the Voice require more than a good voice. It takes a lot of luck and hard work.

American Idol has about 100,000 auditions for each season. Surely quite a few qualified voices never make it past the first round, due to just personal preference, lack of personality, or just getting stuck in the middle.

The other side is hard work. The issue is many singers aren’t marketing and advertising gurus. Posting a video online is no longer enough. Every day, there are 720,000 hours of YouTube videos uploaded. To say luck is needed is an understatement.

For that reason, a musician either needs to learn the business or find an agent. In the past, both were very difficult to do. Learning the business takes years of experience, and any good company or recording studio isn’t going to give time to anyone who doesn’t already have a following. That is where companies such as Equity Distribution are changing the game.

Equity Distribution doesn’t care about prior success, fame, or following (although it can help). They understand the business and will do what they can to get a client’s name and brand out to the public.

Making the Job Easy

As mentioned above, there are companies like Equity Distribution that will do the business and marketing side of everything. In the case of Equity Distribution, they offer services that include the following:

  • Music Distribution – Delivering music and videos to 200+ streaming platforms worldwide.
  • Online Reporting and SEO – Live statistics of what is happening with each song and release.
  • Administration – Licenses, registrations, and royalties are all run by the company with the approval of the artist.
  • Specific Brand and Media Partnerships – Connections to bigger names and brands that can provide promotional opportunities, as well as potentially team up with a collaboration.

Equity Distribution, and other companies that offer similar services, are making it much easier for artists to focus on their passion: making music.

Seize the Moment

Is luck still going to be part of the process of going big? Sure, but that’s the case in just about every industry. However, with these services now available, one has to wonder, is this the next YouTube?

If so, the time to act is now, because once it goes mainstream, it may be common practice for everyone to use these services and time to look for the next big deal.

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