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Munchads Takes on the Challenge of Building Simple yet Performant AdTech/MarTech Solutions

Munchads Takes on the Challenge of Building Simple yet Performant AdTech/MarTech Solutions

As more businesses and entrepreneurs begin to take advantage of digital marketing for visibility, sales, and lead generation, the need for more competing marketing technology solutions becomes more apparent. 

For most new businesses and entrepreneurs, social media marketing, i.e., maintaining an active and engaged social media account on all major social platforms always becomes their first digital marketing effort, but after months of trying so hard to have a voice on these platforms, they get drowned in the need to actively post engaging content on them.

In an effort to build an audience on social platforms while cutting across all the noise and trying to have a voice, they seek to take advantage of paid social media ads as the organic reach of some social platforms continues to drop.

Unfortunately, most new businesses taking advantage of paid social media ads fail to focus on achieving their core business objectives with these campaigns, like generating sales, leads, or signups, but focus on gaining likes or followers; sadly, these acquisitions fail to deliver returns in sales, customers or leads for the business in the short to long term. 

On the other hand, existing businesses and entrepreneurs with more experience in digital marketing tend to have better strategies, choice of platforms, and outcomes on their investment in paid ads whether on social media, pay-per-click (PPC) ad networks, influencers, or affiliate marketers with a greater focus on achieving core business objectives at predictable costs. 

Meeting the Needs of Super Affiliates

Also, for affiliates promoting businesses and their products, achieving the core marketing objectives of their partners at the least cost, and as quickly and effectively as possible is of utmost importance for better Return On Investment (ROI) on their affiliate efforts and investment. Thus, every digital product or affiliate marketer always seeks ways to drive the highest quality traffic to their offers and products at the least cost.

To make this happen, experienced marketers explore several options before them of which the most predictable is working with ad networks and platforms.

As a long-term affiliate and highly experienced digital marketer, I must say that the options of ad networks to work with are huge, but the options of ‘quality’ ad networks to work with are limited.

Aside from working with the likes of Google and Meta, which usually go wild in suspending ad accounts, I have explored several platforms, and my latest exploration which I am falling in love with is Munchads; an AdTech startup with roots in West Africa, but with traffic from all major countries of the world.

According to the company, the Munchads Ads platform is targeted at affiliates and content marketers and built around simplicity and abstraction of complexities to help less-experienced users take advantage of paid digital ads.

After running some test ads and campaigns on the platform and comparing them with similar platforms, I must say the results looked good even though this was just a test campaign. Even more remarkable is that the platform is based out of Africa and has a small team based on my research, but is already serving and delivering results and outperforming smaller competitors in the space.

We know that it is near-impossible for this platform and the likes to compete with the Big G’s network (Google Ads) or Mark’s Empire (Meta Ads), but for digital marketers like myself, it’s always exciting seeing small yet reliable alternatives in the space that can meet my needs even when the giants refuse to do so. 

Therefore, I encourage other affiliates and digital marketers seeking more quality paid traffic to their offers and campaigns to add Munchads to their list of ad partners/platforms as I have been grateful for the discovery.

To sum up, with the increasing adoption and utilization of digital marketing by businesses to achieve their marketing goals and objectives, it has become important and imperative for more competing marketing solutions to be built so as to drive the cost/pricing of existing tools and platforms down. Marketing is like food for most digital businesses, and when few companies, solutions, and tools dominate the space, the cost and quality of service offered by such platforms are impacted and the marketers/businesses that rely on them bear the brunt.

In other words, there should exist several quality alternatives for any digital marketing need, tool, or solution so that marketers don’t feel stuck with poor-quality service from a few players.

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