Blockchain, a Play-and-Earn MMOPRG on ancient Egypt, launches DEMO and grants passes to the early community. - a Play-and-Earn MMOPRG

Gaming has always been central to human existence through different civilizations and from one generation to another. In fact, it is believed that most humans must have participated in one game or another at some point. Yet, despite the popularity of games and gameplay, it has mostly gone by regarded as a pastime or, for some, a waste of time until the emergence of the play-and-earn gaming model.

The play-and-earn gaming model brought lots of excitement, potential, and promises for gamers. For the first time, gaming became more than just a pastime but a lucrative and highly rewarding activity. However, this came with a new set of challenges. Now, play-and-earn games were sacrificing the quality of the gaming experience for the ability to earn. As a result, these games have no challenging or tactical storyline, and they are usually considered boring.

Gradually, the narrative is changing. This is driven by technological advancements and innovative projects like, which prioritizes earning opportunities alongside gaming experience. So we can say, the new kid on the p2e block is bringing an unrivaled gaming experience on board. 

What is is an immersive cutting-edge MMORPG game that brings forgotten mythology from ancient Egypt to life. The project is driven by a vision to deliver a free play-and-earn state-of-the-art immersive experience powered by Unreal Engine 5. gameplay recounts fights and wars among gods and goddesses, which led to the existence of magic and gods on earth, primarily in the ancient Egyptian empire. So, people are now forced to pick from the two factions, namely, Order and Chaos, of which one will definitely prevail. 

Each player’s growth within the game is dependent on which side they choose as they explore the map, engage in fights, complete quests, and unravel mysteries. The layout presents several ways for players to interact with the game, such as going on quests and exciting adventures, enjoying the social side of the game by teaming up for dungeons or fighting other players in the arena, joining a guild or making their own, exploring the vast landscape alongside learning about the ancient world through environmental storytelling, and taming wild animals while taking advantage of their affinities and skills. In addition, players enjoy different rewards, such as in-game valuables, NFTs, and gold, that can be traded for $MMY tokens. 

Understanding the factions and NFTs

As earlier mentioned, the game is divided into two factions namely Chaos and Order, each with its own deities. Their first few actions determine the players’ faction and the Deity they choose to serve. The Players will then be given a Ren NFT, a Soul NFT corresponding to their identity. Each player can, however, shift factions if they so desire, but they must first acquire a Ren NFT from the Marketplace for the new faction they wish to join. Also, each faction has four categories of players, each with its own set of weapons and skills, namely, Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Archer.

The structure takes in-game asset ownership to the next level with asset acquisition ranging from consumables that provide players with various skills to armour, artworks for hideout customization, jewellery, accessories, special abilities for Pets and many more. They plan to integrate more assets and use cases as the project progresses.

At Mummy Labs, the belief is that true ownership of digital assets, verifiable scarcity, decentralized economies, and integrated secondary markets will spawn a new generation of blockchain-based games.

Partnerships, achievements, the team and future projections.

In the last 12 months, has made remarkable growth, such as incorporating the company, publishing the project’s whitepaper, raising seed funding, selecting their first advisors, initiating contacts with launchpads, releasing the game demo, and webpage launch. Furthermore, they have made strategic partnerships bound to drive the project toward delivering its vision of an unrivaled gaming experience. 

On future plans, the team intends to launch Demo  Chapter 1 with an airdrop of free game passes to the Mummy gaming community. Later on, the team plans to launch the very first Primordial NFTs collection. Also, they plan on integrating more features and innovation into the project to drive excitement and thrill in the gameplay.

The team is made up of seasoned professionals with years of experience working as gaming directors, business development experts, creative design and marketing professionals and other relevant experience for top companies like Square Cnix, Ubisoft, IBM, Sea of thieves, BBDO.


The play-and-earn gaming model has brought a new wave of opportunity to the gaming industry, with gamers at its centre. Now, aside from monetary gains, innovations like have further shifted the narrative towards experience, thereby delivering an excellent and unrivalled gaming experience.

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