Multi-Disciplinary Artist; Interview with David Drebin on New NFT drop

New NFT drop

David Drebin is a multi-disciplinary Artist, Drebin’s 1st NFT Drop “Diamond Dust” sold for more than $80K @ Art Miami. The project with VaynerNFT launched on November 30th at 12pm EST on Nifty Gateway as one of their verified drops, and concluded on December 4th, coinciding with David’s solo booth at Art Miami where he unveiled the world premiere of his “Diamond Dust” Collection.

David Drebin, originally from Toronto, Canada, moved to NYC in 1994 and graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1996 and have been based in NYC ever since. David will be telling us more about his project and the opportunities it provides for NFT investors.

Tell us about the Diamond dust collection and what inspired the project?

The Diamond Dust Collection is another art form that we embraced to elevate the brand as we work with photographs, lightboxes, neon light installations and Sculptures.

Why go into NFTS, what is your mission?

 Always love to embrace new technologies and partner with the best brands around the world as there is no “I” in Team. We have recently partnered with VaynerNFT to collaborate on all NFT’s distributed through various platforms.

2021 has seen tremendous growth for NFT, do you think NFTs will keep booming by 2022?

It’s a whole new world and people seem to live more in the digital world than in reality and most people I know stare at their phones all day long. Virtual Reality is another stratosphere altogether.

Tell us about the reception of Diamond dust at Art Miami, what do we expect?

We released 20 Diamond Dust NFT’s at Art Miami in conjunction with our solo booth at Art Miami and sold the majority of them to NFT collectors around the world.

Tell us about your new book Collector’s Edition, What inspired Collectors Edition and what makes it special? 

Collectors Edition, published by teNeues publishing is a limited edition signed oversize led monograph of the top images of my career and a gift to collectors of the works around the world.

Are we expecting a new collection and collaboration with other NFT spaces? 

Yes of course! Our next NFT drop with VaynerNFT will be a Valentines Neon collection featuring some of our nasty yet seductively sweet Neons that have been showcased on the finest galleries worldwide.

When is your next NFT drop, tell us more about your future plans for the project?

 Valentines Day with VaynerNFT – it’s gonna be epic. Always looking to collaborate with the right partners all over the world.

What other information do you have for investors? 

We are just getting started..with worldwide representation all over the world and the right brand partnerships the sky is the limit.

For more information, visit his website:

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