Muhammad Bilal Aftab-CEO of the Xii Group Among the Top Amazon Sellers & British Asian Entrepreneurs

While the world celebrates the successes of Rishi and Sanghrajka as among the leading British Asian entrepreneurs that continued to influence the global economy, there is an upsurge in the number of young entrepreneurs from Asian countries that are impacting the European economy. And are encouragingly making the right noises in the business arena.

One of the young minds that has gotten the attention of industry watchers in recent times is the the CEO of Trends UK & Xii Group and has been honoured as one of The Top 250 Asian Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. What’s impressive about Muhammad is that he is also Amazon Brand Partner, which includes Umi, Amazon Basic and Pinzon and remained excellent.

Widely respected for his diversification and multiple venture investment, Muhammad recently joined the Top 250 Asian Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

Recall that The Sunday Times recently published a Yorkshire Top Entrepreneur’s list, put together by Beresford, to identify Top entrepreneurs of British Asian origin. The result was not surprising for his growing influence as a business mogul.

Trends UK & Xii Group are among the Top 5 Sellers on Amazon UK & Europe. And its status as an Amazon Brand Partner for UMI, Amazon Basic, and Pinzon remained excellent.

His model of business diversification appears to be the fulcrum under which this young business inventor has a competitive edge. Already his private nursery business, RCC has been branded as among the “Top 10 Recommended Mid-Size Nurseries in the UK.”

There is no gainsaying the fact that Muhammad Bilal Aftab, with his team of investors, is not just in the business to make profits but to blaze the trail that would revolutionize the business space and society in general, as evident in his various successful businesses models and still counting.

This Award-Winning British Pakistani businessman with extensive experience in education and business services across the United Kingdom is now a reputable name in the business/IT industry consultancy services. He grew his stake in E-Commerce, Education, Legal Consultancy, Enterprise Resource Planning.

As a pioneer Pakistani Amazon Brand Partner, the Xii group has flipped multiple digital assets, including several Amazon Private Label Accounts, Shopify stores, plus Blogs and Social Media Accounts; collaborated with Empire, Flipper, Benitago, plus the Razor Group.

Currently, Muhammad Bilal owns the multiple Private Label brands on Amazon UK & Europe.

With his outstanding research in Open Source Software (OSS), he earned a Scholarship at Liverpool Moores University in the UK, where he completed his first MSc. in Computing and Information Systems in 2004.

After gaining two more master’s Degrees in Leadership and Strategic Management and MBA in Finance, he was more than prepared for this entrepreneurial journey.

 And having worked with IT companies across the globe and related top industry leaders like Toyota Europe, RS Component, Jaguar, Leeds University, Ford UK, including Bradford University, Muhammad has gathered enough experience that has made him a shining light among his peers. His resounding successes have earned him more respect among the British Asian community. 

Under his regional vetting and services delivery solutions to “Digital Exits.” His clients, well-known brands on Amazon (name withheld) in 2019, saw 3 reaching over $20M. while this year 4 of his clients are expected to make nearly $28M. 

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