Muhammad Adil Mirza: A New Ray In The Field Of Business

Every year, all of us get to know about the new talents that emerge at the global level whether it’s in the music or movie industry or business or industrial sector. When we read about them, we get inspiration and the way they utilized and made the new opportunities pave a path for us as well. There can be thousands of examples in the industrial and business sector, but among them, one of the prominent examples is Muhammad Adil Mirza, who believed in his strong vision to make a revolution in the world of the business sector, which has propelled him forward as a serial entrepreneur of Dubai, the UAE.

Muhammad Adil Mirza was born in 1980. He grew up in the atmosphere of stocks and business only which somehow helped him to be successful in his life. His elder brother used to work in some business, which inspired him as well to showcase his talent in this field.

Before getting into business, he first completed his high school studies in Sydney, Australia, and then he moved to Dubai to pursue his higher education and complete his graduation in Business Administration. As his brother inspired him, Muhammad Adil Mirza also decided to start up a family business in the UAE and handle the business in CIS countries by having a Dubai-based regional head office.

He worked very hard, and this passionate talent is now the head of honcho and CEO of Phoenix Group of Companies. His five years of hard work and hustling resulted in the creation of five top companies spread across the UAE in different niches and business areas. Some of the offices are located in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, and Tajikistan. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, he has already traveled to more than 40 countries so far and has earned noteworthy business affiliates globally.

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