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Much Anticipated Cryptocurrency Token BLAZAR Set to Begin LIVE Trading

BLAZAR Token is being called the most highly anticipated DeFi project of the year

The long wait is finally over for the nation’s Police, Fire, and Military Personnel. Labeled, “The Crypto Pension, “ by its investors, BLAZAR token was developed to be a supplement to the traditional pension system and its abysmal rates of return. 

Founded by a retired Police Lieutenant, John DeSalvo and his partner Patrolman Bryan Cohen both from Southern New Jersey, BLAZAR Token is putting the power of investing and the decision-making that goes with it, back in the hands of the investor. When questioned, Lt DeSalvo stated, “Aren’t you tired of money being taken out of your check each and every week for your retirement, yet you have absolutely no say in where it’s invested and why. With BLAZAR , you have full authority to invest as you choose. You can withdraw their money any time you want, and best of all avoid paying ridiculous early withdrawal fees.”

BLAZAR is part of a mutual fund-style network of tokens they have created. Each token is a little bit different and has a different level of risk associated with it. There literally is something for everyone. They call their network the Moonfuel Protocol and each token can be staked for a period of time to earn a big rate of interest on Your money. Think certificates of deposit at your local bank, only these actually pay you rates we haven’t seen since the 70s and early 80’s. When one stakes their token they don’t inherit any risk whatsoever other than the price or the token itself fluctuating as it trades. The rates of return for the token are contractually guaranteed and some amortize your money as often as every 30 minutes.

BLAZAR Token is being called the most highly anticipated DeFi project of the year, and now anybody can see why. Trading started Thursday 4/21 on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, along with three centralized exchanges,, and 

This is the one everybody in the crypto community is certainly watching, and they are expecting big things from their protocol.


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Full details of the launch can be seen in this infographic:

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