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MT4 Ban: The Best Alternatives for Android Users

A huge number of people around the world are engaged in trading. There are a huge number of platforms, but until recently, users for the most part preferred to use legacy platforms that have a good reputation. Some of the most used are MT4 as well as MT5.

Most recently, traders were faced with the big and unpleasant news that two of the largest platforms were banned by Apple. New traders who want to install them will have to look for a MetaTrader alternative, as it is not yet clear whether the applications will be restored.

Android users can still use both apps because Google management hasn’t made any decisions about them. However, traders using the Android operating system still need to be on their guard as anything can happen.

We want to recommend you a few platforms that you can start using today. If Google does decide to remove apps from the Play Market, you’ll be ready for a change and be able to protect your assets.

Top platforms for Android users


This application has already managed to win the trust of users. The platform has a rating of 4.3 and has been installed over 100,000 times. It is a simple and user-friendly platform that is perfect for both beginners and experienced traders. Users can access charts that they can view in real-time, as well as financial reports and analytics.

In total, each user can access over one hundred and eighty different financial instruments. All of them are structured and belong to different asset classes. Assets include currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more.

IC Markets

If you are interested in CFDs, then this application will be your best choice. Its rating is 4.6 and over 100 thousand users have already installed it. It is great for both beginners and experienced traders. Due to MT5 being banned, it will be a great alternative.

You will find all the necessary tools that active traders can only need. In addition, seven financial markets will be available for you, which is a big advantage. You can use the economic calendar, as well as receive real-time news reports. In addition, a great advantage is that you can use this application even without an Internet connection.


When you first start your trading journey, you will want to install a simple and easy-to-use application. This application will be the perfect choice for you. It is modern, and also distinguished by the absence of bugs and the presence of many unique features.

There will be many difficulties on your way, but by using this platform, you will be able to figure everything out without any problems. The platform has an attractive design and user-friendly interface.

You do not need to use third-party applications to deposit and withdraw your funds. All this you can do right in the application. In addition, you will receive cloud-based market data alerts and be able to close all trades instantly.


Just like the previous platform, this app is the preferred choice for beginners. The only difference to consider is that this platform is perfect for social trading.

The platform offers newbies a unique feature. Inexperienced users can observe the actions of advanced traders in real-time. Thus, the learning process takes place directly in practice. You can copy their activities and learn from their experiences.

It provides a professional tool that allows you to conduct technical analysis. Using this platform, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies. In addition, you will have access to advanced search tools.


Many users note that looking for a good alternative to MetaTrader 4, this platform is a good choice. It features a minimalistic design, although compared to a traditional platform, it has a limited set of features. Its distinguishing feature is that it is the only one of its kind that supports trading through straight-through processing.

Using this application, you can access over two hundred and fifty different tools. You can also trade various types of assets from Foreign exchange to Metals.


Despite the news about the blocking of MT4 and MT5, which is unpleasant for a large number of users, Android users can still freely use these platforms. However, it is not known what will happen next. In such a case, each trader should have several alternatives in mind so that in the event of a blockage, they will not lose their assets.

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