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MSPs and Cloud Management: Develop and Manage New Remote Services.

Aside from an avenue to share their crafts and make profits at the end of every financial year, one major goal of every firm is to satisfy their clients without questions and/or faults. This need for consumer satisfaction could be based on the fact that when consumers are satisfied with your offerings, they will be back for more transactions, would have good things to say about your business and consumer trust will be easily fostered. Even as many companies desire this reality, the truth is that only a few are able to do these. In a bid to help more companies satisfy their end-users, here comes GSX Solutions offering their services to a variety of firms; especially Management Service Providers (MSPs) and those involved in cloud management.

What is GSX Solutions?

GSX Solutions is an outfit that staunchly believes in the years-long ideology that asides from appliance monitoring, application, network and/or servers, one core factor that should not be overlooked is the end-user experience. At GSX Solutions, it is also understood that many important applications are now operating on cloud environment (through any of PaaS; Platform as a Service, IaaS; Infrastructure as a Service or SaaS; Software as a Service) and because of this the end-user experience which is now at the centre of enterprise strategy cannot be taken lightly. In a bid to improve this experience, GSX Solutions offers all end-users and management service providers, MSPs, the services of their Robot Users. These Robot Users which can be deployed anywhere at the discretion of their users will use Microsoft Office 365 (an online office and software with services suite) services exactly as the end-users will use them to the end that: business owners can be alerted of performance or availability issues before consumer complaints come in, those responsible for such issues can be figured out, these issues can be understood and the corrective measures that will mitigate the future occurrence of these can be put in place. Essentially, end-users will be privy to the best experiences possible especially in the rather complex IT environment.

Using GSX Solutions

Although the earlier mentioned Robot Users are currently only working on Microsoft Office 365 workload, their usage will soon be extended to other cloud applications. Because checking if the service of an offering as well as providing information about inherent or potential failures is good, these Robot Users will be checking for service availability as well as service performance. Checking for these performances is also borne by the fact that a lot of consumer complaints that later lead to financial losses for companies are centered on performance issues. To check these, these Robot Users will check the free or busy status of users, create meetings, create tasks, download attachments and/or files on Microsoft SharePoint, perform Skype calls while also checking the voice quality, send an Instant Message and/or send emails to mailboxes. In essence, Robot Users are going to be testing every part of the network between Microsoft edge and the end-users.

GSX Solutions essentially avails clients the opportunity of having a complete access to everything that could affect the experience of the end-user and his subsequent satisfaction thus helping them prevent issues of consumer complaints, availing them the opportunity of finding out whether the performance issues to be discovered by the Robot Users is their responsibility or that of Microsoft and also helping them to understand the cause of such issues. All these mean that the number of complaints they receive is drastically reduced, time used to solve future issues can be saved and reinvested into the business, cloud management costs are kept on the low and a better end-user experience occurs. One way through which GSX Solutions brings her offerings is with the applications of hybrid clouds.

All about hybrid clouds

Hybrid clouds are basically a combination of public cloud services with traditional infrastructure elements otherwise regarded as applications or wares running on-site. An example of this is SQL premises servers and Azure SQL services.

Using hybrid clouds whether as an extension of workloads in the cloud or as a portion of a designed hybrid infrastructure with Azure stack allows companies:

    1. With a specific timeframe for IT usage save tons. Such companies could be insurance companies who have specific subscription month in which everyone has to register or airline companies who in times of a high volume of activities, will be able to extend their IT capabilities in the cloud.
    2. To focus on optimum goods and/or services delivery without being worried about how it will fare in their IT environment

  • Have their applications benefit from cloud services which include Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and/or Data Computing.

How can MSPs use GSX Monitor?

Ever since the advent of cloud application, MSPs need to be able to devise a means that will allow them to stay and be relevant in the market. To do this, they need to be able to provide all-in-one support for all cloud-delivered applications. Such support services should fully contain the entire route of the end-users application from its location and local network on to the cloud provider. GSX Gizmo for Microsoft Office 365, allows MSPs the ability to provide these services to their customers. By using this GSX Gizmo for Office 365, MSPs get to:

  1. Stay ahead of competition especially as a lot of MSPs are yet to offer customers end-to-end service monitoring.
  2. Be positioned as global advisors for the entire client network and even begin additional services like device management.
  3. Meet other service-level agreements, SLAs, and justify the level of services provided to customers.
  4. Build recurring revenue on Office 365.

MSP outfits that are already using this GSX Gizmo for Office 365 include Chile-based, Nubison, IBM global services, Orange Business Services, ATOS and more.

With an increase in mobile and cloud applications, service providers have to look for means whereby their service levels will be maintained, they will achieve a strong return on investment; ROI and they will remain competitive in the industry. With GSX Solutions, they can do these.

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