MRHB Ethical DeFi Platform Celebrating World Halal Day at Kazan Summit 2022 Until May 21

MRHB Ethical DeFi Platform Celebrating World Halal Day at Kazan Summit 2022 Until May 21

MRHB DeFi Network, the world’s first halal decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, is proud to be taking part in the XIII International Economic Summit, Kazan Summit 2022. More than 5 thousand participants representing 72 nations and 12 diplomatic missions are attending the MRHB Ethical DeFi Platform Celebrating World Halal Day at Kazan Summit 2022 Until May 21 event, which is the largest halal exhibition in the Tatarstan region.

The primary aim of the summit is to strengthen ties amongst member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). As such, a number of government officials and industry experts are in attendance.

“As this is our first time exhibiting at World Halal Day, we’re very excited to showcase our halal DeFi platform here. We’re offering brand new innovations and financial opportunities that have not yet been seen in Islamic Finance. Both businesses and consumers can benefit from our services,” said Naquib Mohammed, CEO and founder of MRHB DeFi Network. “We are also very pleased to finally be meeting our many supporters from the Tatarstan region.”

Joining the MRHB team is Zokir Ibragimov, CEO of Islam Invest. Ibragimov is also taking part in an expert panel at the summit, speaking about Muslim scholars’ opinions on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Two primary topics being addressed at the conference are the common good of the halal industry and the sharing economy. Other topics under discussion include entrepreneurship, investment, export development, partner banking and youth diplomacy. Other high-profile speakers who are participating in panels include the Undersecretary of the UAE’s Ministry of Economy,  a representative from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization, along with a host of industry experts.

The expo is also promoting the many ways in which halal ideals today do not just apply to food, but can now be applied across all industries, services and communications. The term “H2WORLD Economy” is being used to describe this concept in an effort to pave the way for Islamic Finance to work toward higher economic goals.

Another feature at the World Halal Day expo was “Modest Fashion Day” on May 19, at which 12 modest fashion designers displayed their newest styles in a fashion show. 

Additionally, May 21 is the 1,100th anniversary since Volga Bulgaria adopted Islam — Great Bolgar, the holy site associated with Volga Bulgaria, is just 140 km away from Kazan, making for a great day-trip pilgrimage for attendees of the summit.

Bringing Halal Decentralized Finances to Everyone

Up until MRHB DeFi Network launched their $MRHB token in December 2021, it was not possible for most of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims to participate in the cryptocurrency economy, as it was seen as haram. MRHB DeFi Network — pronounced ‘Marhaba’, meaning ‘welcome’ in Arabic — was founded to fill this need in the US$3 trillion Islamic Finance market by building a DeFi platform accessible to all.

The core product of the company’s DeFi platform is Sahal Wallet, a multi-chain self-custodial crypto wallet that only accepts halal tokens. Sahal Wallet also acts as a gateway to the rest of the MRHB ecosystem, such as SouqNFT Marketplace. This halal NFT market was the world’s first to host un-forgeable NFT-based halal compliance certificates. Six more halal products and services are also being built for the platform, scheduled to be launched within a year.

MRHB DeFi Network’s vision of DeFi for all is supported by a number of partners and investors, including Polygon Technology, Sheesha Finance, Australian Gulf Capital, NewTribe Capital, Blockchain Australia, Mozaic, Contango Digital Assets, ZKSync, Acreditus Partners, EMGS Group, Sinofy Group, Sukhavati Protocol and MKD Capital, amongst others.

About MRHB DeFi Network

MRHB DeFi Network is a halal, decentralized finance platform built to embody the true spirit of “Ethical and Inclusive DeFi” by following faith-based financial and business principles where all excluded communities can benefit from the full empowerment potential of DeFi.

The diverse team comprises researchers, technocrats, influencers, Islamic fintech experts, business entrepreneurs and industry professionals, who have all come together to ensure that MRHB DeFi prevails in a manner that will impact society as a whole, essentially bridging the gap between faith-conscious communities and the blockchain world.

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