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Mr.Szikra Kálmán, a Hungarian Inventor, Introduces a Gravitational-Based Energy Storage System

The Gravitational Energy Storage System is a conceptual design for a new revolutionary energy storage system.

Mr.Szikra Kálmán has launched a Gravitational-based Energy Storage System, a renewable energy system. One of the main problems of renewable energy sources is that their power can be intermittent (it can’t be stored in great quantities, and it doesn’t always come when people need it). Szikra Kalman’s Gravitational-based Energy Storage System is an alternative energy solution with a rack and pinion solution. It works based on the principle of converting gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. The force required to move all this weight back up the shaft is tremendous, but that force is what generates the electricity.

The Gravitational-based Energy Storage System is likely to be used in remote areas where there’s no electricity or any facility nearby where batteries can be charged. It can also be used to support an electricity grid during peak energy consumption hours, such as in agriculture businesses as well as data centers that run on electricity 24 hours a day.

“The Gravitational method of energy storage is very affordable and easy to construct with less cost; it’s just like a simple machine consisting of mass or weights which facilitate daily life activities by using gravity,” said Mr.Szikra Kálmán. “Gravitational-based energy storage systems are critical to the future of sustainable energy. Why? Because unlike other forms of sustainable energy, Gravitational-based energy storage systems are super reliable. This is in part because Gravitational-based energy storage systems store power as gravitational potential energy, and in part because they can be located practically anywhere. Without Gravitational-based energy storage systems there would be no way to reliably store solar power during the day so it can be used at night.”

The Gravitational-based Energy Storage System is a storage system based on the principle of gravitation. The weight of the stored object is connected to a gear wheel, which is attached to a drive shaft. The drive shafts are mounted in two supporting units, which are, in turn, connected to an electric motor. The drive shafts are connected to the electric motor via the gear unit. In addition, the components are surrounded by cement or concrete to protect the system against weather conditions, dust, and water, and it is acoustically insulated.

About Gravitational-Based Energy Storage System and the Inventor

This Gravitational-based Energy Storage System utilizes weight for the storage of rotational energy, which is transformed into electricity by a generator in an optimal way. The rotational energy is stored in a very safe and reliable way, and it can be used at any time. The inventor, Mr. Szikra Kálmán, is a Hungarian scientist who is dedicated to providing better, greener, and safer future solutions. For more information, please visit

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Mr. Berki Ferenc CO-Author and Mr. Szikra Kálmán-Inventor

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