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Moving to a new office? 6 ways to minimise the stress of office removals

Office Removals is not an easy job, and people face many difficulties during office removals. As we all know, removal work drains lots of money, time and energy. And this causes huge stress. And when it comes to office removals, the stress and worry become dubbed. 

Melbourne is one of Australia’s busy cities and hubs, a corporate and private offices cluster. Therefore, many offices change their address every year due to different reasons. And the local office removalists Melbourne help people move their office space without stress. So, if you are planning to move your office, searching for removalists near me, read this article. Because here, it will give you a complete guide to minimise your office removal stress and have a hassle-free removal.

Common difficulties in office removals

All removal has problems and difficulties, and office removals are no exception. The truth is that office removal is considered the most complicated removal than other removals. Here are some common difficulties one can face during office removals.

  • Packing and sorting issues – office spaces are usually bigger than residential spaces and have too many belongings. So, when you plan to move your office location, you need to pack every item in your office and group them accordingly. It is not an easy job, and many people feel it’s impossible to do the packing alone.
  • Arranging and tracking vehicles – Arranging vehicles for office removals is essential, but this is also not as simple work as it initially seems. You must arrange vehicles according to your belonging’s size, quantity and safety measurements. Not only that, you need to keep proper track of the location of the vehicle during the removal process to have a smooth removal.
  • Asset damage – Another risk factor connected with office removals is asset damage. Every office has its valuable asset, so maintaining their safety during removal is vital. If you do not have a proper plan to ensure the safety of your office asset, you can face a huge loss due to asset damage.
  • Loss and miss-placed important documents – It is very natural for every office to have lots of important files, documents, and paper that can be misplaced or lost forever if they are not kept safe during moving. If you do not keep your important documents and files before moving, they can easily be misplaced while moving from one place to another. And you can face huge trouble due to this.
  • Moving office electronics – Every office has several electronics like AC, laptops, PC sets, table lights, projectors, printers, scanners etc. And if you do not arrange a proper removal these valuables of your office can be damaged, lost or stolen easily. 

6 ways to minimize the stress of office removals

There are a lot of top office removalists Melbourne work which help the locals to move their official addresses by offering many helpful facilities. Here are the top 6 ways to reduce your stress from office removals. 

  1. Plan first (hire a professional) – To cut out your office removal stress, you should always start to draft a plan of action first. Making a plan with detailed steps helps you understand your next task by breaking down the huge work into small and achievable parts. You can also hire professional Removalists Melbourne as they help you move your office belongings with proper planning and execution. 
  2. Clean your company data and recycle old electronics – Many offices take old and unwanted electronics from one place to another. This is not a good idea as it would take unnecessary space and time while moving. But you cannot hand them to anyone before proper data cleaning. It would be best to sort out old electronics first, then erase all your company’s data from each device and recycle them by donating and exchanging via online platforms.
  3. Inform all stakeholders and customers – It is not a practical decision to close your office during your office removals, whether you are running a small or large business. It would be best if you always remembered to inform all your stakeholders and customers beforehand. If you are working mainly in virtual mode, inform your clients through a notice or email that you will have office removal in the upcoming week and therefore, there might be a slow-down response from your side. And if you are handling a physical office and your employees are helping you in the moving, please make sure you assign at least one staff member to deal with your Clients in emergency response to maintain the flow of communication. 
  4. Remove non-essential first – You need to clearly label every packing with terms like essential, non-essential etc., to have a clear idea about your office belongings. After finishing the packing, make sure to move the non-essential belongings of your office first. It will also help you declutter your space and perform a smooth removal.
  5. Optimise space – Space optimisation is an important part of office removals, especially if you move from a large space to a small space. You can sort unwanted and old files and documents and reduce square space. It will help you to arrange your new office space with your office belongings. 
  6. Make sure to change your digital address – When you plan to move your office address, do not forget to change your digital address as well. If you do not change your digital address timely, many customers and clients will be misguided and reach your old address. This kind of harassment of clients can also cause serious damage to your reputation. So, make sure to change your digital address timely while moving your official residence from one place to another.

Things to keep in mind while hiring professional office removalists in Melbourne

Hiring an office removalist is priceless in your office moving to Melbourne. They provide various important facilities to make your office moving hassle-free and happy. Here, we are giving you some important factors you should consider while hiring local Office Removalists Melbourne for your help.

  • Packing and unpacking facility – Always look for the removalist agencies who help pack and unpack. The professional removalists help pack every item separately so you do not lose any of them during the move. Office removals are a very hectic job, mainly the packing and unpacking work. You must ensure all your office belongings are well packed and shipped to your new location accordingly.
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly facilities – You need to ensure the agency you are hiring can do the furniture disassemble and assemble efficiently. If you have some heavy and expensive furniture, you must ask the agency whether they have the disassemble and assemble facilities or not. 
  • Look for customer reviews – When hiring an agency for your office removals Melbourne, read about their customer reviews and ratings carefully. These reviews will help you to understand which agency is right for you. You can also read their reviews from different online websites to have a non-biased review about them.
  • Know about the staff’s expertise – If you have a good number of valuables in your office, you need to make sure that you hire professionals with the right expertise and experience to handle your office belongings. 
  • Ask about their technical support – You should always ask the agency which kind of technical equipment they will use. It will ensure your office belongings will be removed safely and smoothly.
  • Insurance – Many removalist companies offer comprehensive insurance for your office belongings. And if your belongings get damaged while moving, they will take responsibility for reimbursement. It will ensure your office articles will be moved safely and securely. 
  • Transparency in the paperwork – Another important aspect you should never miss is to read the agreement paper before signing carefully. Always make sure all the paper works are transparent and clear. It will save you from future complications.
  • Look for cost-effective pricing – Many removalist agencies work in Melbourne. If you search, you will get a lot of cheap removals Melbourne on different sites. Always compare different pricing and quotations of different companies and pick which best suits your requirements. 
  • Ask for ABN number – You should never miss asking for the ABN number while hiring a local office removalist Melbourne. ABN number stands for the registration in the Australian Business Directory. Therefore, the ABN number of the company will tell you about trustworthiness and authenticity. 

Conclusion– Office removals are very hectic and stressful, and finding an actual removalist for your office removals is essential for a smooth and easy move. In this article, we have provided 6 ways to minimise your office removal stress and a couple of tips to find the top office removalists in Melbourne.

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