Moving the Blockchain Industry Toward a full Decentralization, Interview with Eduardo from ATRONOCOM

ATRONOCOM is pushing the blockchain industry toward true, full decentralization, so even the phone in your pocket is working for the future.

First of all, can you tell me a bit about your background? How did you find yourself working in this industry?

I was always passionate about computers and had the opportunity to see the digital revolution in different areas from the inside. I studied materials science and engineering, but it was when I changed my academic goals towards architecture and urbanism that I discovered where I could use my creativity, design, and problem-solving skills.

During college, I started some exercises combining computer programming skills with 3d drawings. This field is known as generative design or parametric architecture, the root cousin of building information modeling. Once you combine algorithm based design with finance data, you can create amazing evaluation tools with hundreds of different scenarios to help decision making.

After graduation, I started my own consultancy company focusing on the financial side of construction projects and complex problem solving on the scalability of urban developments.

It consumed a lot of coding and very complex problem-solving skills. This evolved into a software house and migrating to Blockchain-based business and cryptocurrency was natural based on the daily problems we would have to solve for our own company and clients. Solving complex problems is addictive.

Maybe you are asking yourself what the relationship between urbanism and technology is? The easiest way to explain this is Infrastructure. Digital environments, platforms, applications, mobile devices, everything connected over the internet creates a network of services, all based on this invisible and digital layer that pushes society towards a prosper and fair governance.

Once again, we do not develop software. We solve big and complex problems on how to provide services and access to information for everyone. This can only be achieved on a global scale with technology and technology infrastructure. Think of services like different types of trains. We provide the railway.

Can you tell me how you came to be involved in the ATRONOCOM project? What was it about it that interested you?

It was one of those long, endless nights of talking and exchanging philosophies between myself and Quantum Baker. We understood that we have to find a way to provide security and a user-friendly environment if we want to attract the right audience to the world of crypto and strive towards stabilizing the price and volatility in the market. I also liked that we both wanted to develop an application which would both take responsibility and create something which gives a helping hand to the over 2 Billion people who do not have a conventional bank account.

We were laughing, but at the same time, we understood that we not only knew how but have the teams and resources on both sides to make this possible. Quantum fell in love with all of our developments and told me many times that he cannot believe that there’s no one using this. The next step was to get on the phone and get the team together. At the same time, he was introducing his own ideas, and we began the process of bringing this together. Quantum has two partners who were working already on ATRONOCOM at the time.

Based on this common understanding the ideas start to flow between both teams. The energy was crazy and scary. It felt like being back in the old times where we were full of ideas to save the world. I was also very impressed that they had financed everything out of their own pocket, firmly believing in this project which removed any lingering doubts I may have had. From this moment on, I became a part of the legion.

After our first official meeting, we started exchanging sensitive information and sharing dreams on how to provide access to services on a global scale, securely and cost-effectively.

I showed him details of some past projects we had developed, did some brainstorming on different features and problems we would have to solve, and we started creating the beta version of ATRONOCOM.

This project is only possible due to the effort of the talented and disruptive people involved. Directly and indirectly, this project is the result of collaborative design and the thought process of more than 40 people from different countries over seven years exploring concepts and solving a wide range of problems. ATRONOCOM has its own Blockchain, and the first which has 10% of all transaction fees go to charity projects.

Let’s review once again this concept. ATRONOCOM is a service to society, delivered through technology in the form of software. Technology is the infrastructure. This is not the dream of a single person. It is a project driven by a group of people with the same goal of changing the way we exchange value on a global scale, affordable to everyone that has access to a mobile phone or computer.

One of the more prominent features of this project is staking, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Can you tell us a bit about this feature and why it’s important?

This is a very sensitive topic, first because it is the very heart of the model as a sustainable business. Second because of its impact directly on the expansion of the infrastructure we need to provide services. Staking from the financial aspects of its nature is a very efficient way to delegate responsibility based on the weight each user has on the network. At the same time, this generates crypto for the company to expand and distributes the network for security and fair governance. Once deployed, the network gains life and becomes a living component of the project.

The high security communication messenger is a huge deal, and it’s something that has been in the media a lot recently, with privacy issues being at the forefront. What does ATRONOCOM bring to the table that other messaging platforms don’t? –

We are well aware that some of the features we are developing are far in advance of what’s currently available and we don’t want to share all our secrets. When we go online with our full version, you will understand what I’m talking about. It’s so unique that we still can’t believe that we are working on it.

The average person is used to reaching into their physical wallet for their bank card. ATRONOCOM is offering a virtual bank card that is connected to the system and available at millions of contact points. Can you explain a little how this technology works?

We are establishing integration tests and beta evaluation for the project, and this is a second stage feature due to massive bureaucracy and specific regulations required to operate on a global level.

We understand the risks of compliance and reputation for institutions, and this is why we work along with them discussing best practices and protocols to provide this service. Credit and debit cards are just a temporary item for the transition of the old to the new economy.

Today plastic cards are already established as a very efficient interface between the user and digital systems. We understand this is important, but it won’t be forever. Touchless RFID and NFS systems combined with tokenized assets will replace physical media between the user and the digital environment.

Today with mobile phones, tablets, and different wearables, you can grasp what would be the future of finance and the way we exchange values on a global scale. This defines the concept of Future at your fingertips.

As exciting as this technology is at the moment, where do you see it going in the future? Are the current technological breakthroughs the end result? Or is there scope for even more progress down the line?

We only admire and enjoy thinking about the future with the changes that we can deliver today. We are already living for the future with this project. The ATRONOCOM team is not waiting for the market to understand the technology or services we provide, we’re pushing on regardless.

We are committed to push the market ahead and deliver today what people would expect to see in retail markets in 10 years. We do not practice the scarcity model with slow improvements on the platform and features to have slow growth and speculate the project value in the long term. We are focused on delivering quickly, delivering what society expects from technology today.

The future of this project is to integrate a wide range of online services and products into one single environment. When you automate this process, you have a real-time economy. The real-time economy is the future and best case of Blockchain systems integration with traditional financial services and institutions.

For more information, visit the ATRONOCOM website:

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