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Moving Company Scams are the Worst Thing to Happen – Hacks to Detect and Stay Secure


There comes a time when homeowners have to make a move from one place to the other! Needless to say, this calls for packing, and you must do it correctly. Selecting an authentic moving company is a challenge, even though several service providers are available. It is mostly because of the scams that are happening globally.

If you read the news, you will know that several companies pose to be moving service providers and prove to be scammers. No one wants to be at such a receiving end. Once the belongings get packed, they tend to rob the client of it all, leading to several losses.

And while you browse for the best moving company, keep an eye on the following pointers to stay from a fraud company.

  1. A company without a license

In most states, the moving brands need a separate moving license to perform the local residential moving service. Also, the movers who offer moving services throughout the state lines need a specific license.

  1. There is no website

There need to be ample moving companies available that have their website. When the moving company lacks a website, chances are that they are new. If that is not the case, they might be trying to conceal their identity from the public. And that is something no authentic professional or brand would do. It helps you assess their reputation and ensure that you are joining hands with the best company.

  1. They charge a heavy deposit

Generally, the local residential movers will not even bother to ask for any deposit or charge a minimal amount. In several states, a company asking for this deposit is illegal. When you are moving across state lines, the movers need not ask for any deposit. So, if a company is doing that, you must be wary.

  1. They are not committing a delivery time

Whether you are moving to a different locality in the same city or are making an inter-city move, the moving company will have an exact idea about the time needed to make a move. If you see that the company is ambiguous and not sticking to any timeline, you should start talking to another company.

  1. There is no tracking software

Usually, new-age moving companies use tracking software that helps provide customers with real-time and constant updates. It assures the clients that their belongings are in safe hands and that they have made a good investment. If the moving company doesn’t have tracking software, you should either ask for it, or you need to make other arrangements.

Scammers in the name of moving companies are everywhere to target naïve customers and rob their money and belongings. Do not let that happen to you. Once you follow the guidelines mentioned here, you steer clear of them.

Always search for a moving company that follows authentic business practices. To know more, you can check out relocation services in your area.

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