MovieShots – Laurel & Hardy as digital collectibles.

The origin of film meets the age of the future. The Austrian startup MovieShots enables film lovers to own a part of their favorite movie as a unique collector’s item.  

As a digital collectible, MovieShots aims to link the two worlds of film and NFT. The company, (founded by a group of Austrians), enables film lovers to now call a part of their favorite film their own.

Like a piece of the original film reel

Using software developed in-house, individual still images from iconic films transform and become originals. Using NFT technology, this content can be made ownable as unique digital items with guaranteed proof of ownership on the blockchain, for example as collectibles and for trading on various NFT marketplaces.

With a MovieShot, you become the exclusive owner of an iconic ‘clip’ of your favorite film, just as if you had ownership of a piece of the original film reel. 

The edition per film is made up of the number of cuts and is therefore strictly limited. Each cut marks the end of one MovieShot and the start of the next. The MovieShots team selects one still image from each of these segments to represent the film segment on the blockchain.

Digital Laurel & Hardy collectibles

Now, through the existing cooperation with Beta Film GmbH, the team has managed to bring the legendary black-and-white film “Way Out West” starring the famous British-American comedian duo Laurel & Hardy into the world of blockchain.  

Starting on Nov. 28, 2022, the curtain will rise on 555 exclusive Laurel and Hardy NFTs. In total, all 555 collectibles will represent the film from the first seconds to the final credits.

“Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy have etched themselves into our cultural memory and we are honoured to immortalize this cultural legacy in the form of digital collectibles on the blockchain” says founder Jan Leitenbauer.

“Run Lola Run” at the Cannes Film Festival. 

It was only in May 2022 that MovieShots successfully went to market with its first film – the iconic cult film “Run Lola Run”.  In this “run-up”, the team around founders Jan Leitenbauer and Bernd Ranzenmayr was invited to the famous Cannes Film Festival to discuss the future of film.  

Enthusiasm for the startup’s idea is growing. “More and more people are becoming aware of MovieShots and believe in the future of digital collecting” says co-founder Bernd Ranzenmayr. 

The Film NFT project is also met with approval by award-winning director and Film NFT specialist Jordan Bayne: “MovieShots are true, unique pioneers of Film3, building the gold standard of digital film collectibles.” 

The Film3 movement sees itself as the next generation of the media industry, powered by blockchain and digital communities. 

MovieShots brings movie culture to the world of the Metaverse 

Effort and attention to detail is what sets the startup apart. That’s because each NFT is manually linked to metadata. This makes it possible to track exactly which character, location, costume, and even makeup appears in that film clip.

With this data, the company enables a transfer to the metaverse. For the owner of this NFT, this means that he can slip into the role himself, and do so quite authentically. Like a Halloween costume in the real world, only in the digital universe. 

In addition, the collected seconds of the feature film can be used to vote on various topics in the community.

MovieShots is meant to bridge the gap between the aficionado and the filmmaker, thereby bringing appreciation for the creation of the artwork into a new era.

More information and exciting updates are available online, on Twitter, or on MovieShots’ own Discord

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