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Moviesflix: Watch Upcoming and Old Movies for Free

Watching movies online has gained the popularity in the past decade and everyone is looking for a website that allows online movie streaming no matter if it is a classic one or a latest movie. This habit does not only safe the time and money but also gives you plenty of choices according to your mood. Among many websites that support online streaming and downloading, has its own fame in offering thousands of movies, TV shows, web series, short films, 123movies, documentaries and other media totally free. Hence, moviesflix has become the favorite and easiest approach to many movie lovers.

What is Moviesflix?

Moviesflix is a privacy streaming website, launched in 2011, that offers an immense collection of latest and old movies for free. It does not only allow streaming but downloading also in many formats i.e. in 320p, 720p, 480p, 360p quality. Since then, it has been gaining popularity day by day and now every other movie bug has moviesflix app. on his phone. It has movies in many languages so it is attracting people worldwide.  The amazing features of downloading and online streaming makes moviesflix user friendly. It ihas emerged as the fastest grown website in Sub continent.

How to download movies from Moviesflix?

The way to download movies is simple and easy but if you are living in a country where moviesflix is banned you must have a good access to VPN program. Followings are some steps to download the movies easily:

Steps to download movie from movieflix:

  • Click on the website or app.
  • In the search bar, type the movie name you want to watch.
  • Select the format you want to download in.
  • Press the download button and you are ready to go

Unfortunately, it takes you too long to download movies as there comes many advertisements and if you click on any of them, consciously or unconsciously, you will be directed to other website that will again waste your time.

Is it safe to download movies from Moviesflix?

As this platform costs you nothing from registration to watch and download movies so every one of us should not get surprised to know that it is an illegal website. It is somehow against the law and might make you fall in penalties. Anyway, if you want to take the risk on your own, you will end in enjoying the party. But we recommend you to not getting into any unlawful substance.

What happened to Moviesflix?

There is no valid and accurate answer to what exactly happened to . Some says the website was down for maintenance or it might be a permanent shutdown. It is also possible that the domain name has expired but among all aforementioned reasons the most understood is the one it is not a legit site and it provides pirated web series and movies, violating the copyright claims. The website is actively affecting the film industry mainly Tollywood and Kollywood as it leaks out their latest movies.

So Many countries have taken action against moviesflix but it does not take too long to reappear on the internet with a new domain. The creators of this website are in safe zone and never faced criminal penalties as these people have many URLs making it difficult for the high authorities to take actions against all of them.

Moviesflix app.:

Smartphone has made everyone so lazy to go for a desktop computer to operate watch anything. So every creator has made an application to get more and more users. If we compare the website and app. of moviesflix, the later one gives you more ease and is more functional. It does not give you links that are directed to download the software so it allows downloading the movie fast and with no compromise. It does not have ads. and that is why it is a user friendly.

Types of content moviesflix has

No matter you have what is your age or what taste do you have for movies. Moivesflix is offering the content for all. The main categories of the content of moviesflix are following:-

  • Recently released
  • Hollywood
  • Multi formats
  • Bollywood
  • Adult movies
  • Asian Movies
  • You tube movies
  • Documentaries
  • Web Series
  • Dubbed Movies

Best alternatives to moviesflix:

If you are eager to use moviesflix it means you are taking part in causing the loss to film industries so the best way to play your role, being a responsible and legit inhabitant,  is to go for some alternatives that are legal and support the piracy business.

Some of the most famous alternatives are given below:-


It reviews the top sites to make you reach to approximately 400+ sites that have an amazing collection of movies, cartoons and web series. TV Series etc. for free.

  • Movie4u

The best this of this website is it does not need you to sign up or register to this site as it uploads all the latest content actively.

Moreover, it needs no credit/debit card details to begin.

  • Gostream

This site is well known for its interface as user can easily navigate through its homepage. It offers both SD and HD quality. This is also a free website.

  • TeaTV

This is an application created especially for smartphone lovers. Besides videos it also contains audio songs, song tracks, etc.

  •  Movierill

It offers diversity if movies for free. It has a lot of movie related contents and completely legit and observes the piracy rules.


The purpose for this article is to educate people about moviesflix completely with elaborating its advantages and disadvantages. Every one of us should encourage piracy policies.

 Firslty, if you are watching movies through moviesflix it means you are actively affecting the copy right policies. Secondly, it results in the large loss to film industry, every year. You should avoid observing any unlawful activity as it harms a lot of people directly or indirectly connected to film industry.

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