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Mouth Guard Market Projected to be Resilient during 2022-2032

Mouth guards, like a variety of other sports accessories, have become increasingly popular among participants in both contact and non-contact sports. Mouth guards are made of thermoplastic and are used to prevent injury in contact sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts, football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

In recent years, mouth guards have been reported to be a popular accessory in non-contact sports like skateboarding, gymnastics, and mountain biking. With sales trending north due to increased demand for mouth guards and increased sports participation around the world, mouth guard manufacturers re-aligned their strategies to keep up with the rising global demand.

Over 20 million people took part in competitive contact sports around the world. According to the American Dental Association, sports injuries account for approximately 36% of all unintentional injuries, with facial injuries accounting for 10-20% of all injuries. The use of mouth guards has reduced the incidence of such injuries, resulting in increased demand for mouth guards and a healthy growth of the global mouth guard market.

Market Trends for Mouthguards

The availability of mouth guards in non-traditional sports retail stores has also aided growth in the global mouth guards market. The Evolution of Retail Channels Creating new growth avenues for the market of mouth guards.

The availability of leading mouth guard manufacturers and products on e-commerce websites is significant, as the situation has improved in favour of global brands, with online retailers offering discounted home delivery of original mouth guards. In the current scenario, as the number of brand outlets grows, so does demand for mouth guards. In the past few years, the market for mouth guards has been hampered by a lack of brand outlets.

The scrum cap, a type of headgear worn by rugby players to protect their ears in the scrum, has hampered the growth of the mouth guard market. In recent years, headgear has primarily been used in contact sports such as boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. Another factor impeding the growth of the mouth guard is the material or difference in construction, both of which have an impact on the mouth guard’s performance.

Regional Analysis of the Mouthguard Market

The number of Americans competing in boxing games at international events has gradually increased, while countries in Asia Pacific, such as China, Japan, Australia, India, and South Korea, have a large number of participants. During the forecast period, the market for mouth guards has been led by a growing number of participants in these regions. Increased participation in boxing, martial arts, and other contact sports by Latin Americans and other countries is driving up demand for mouth guards.

Competitive Analysis of the Mouthguard Market

The presence of many large and small market players has shattered the global mouth guard market. The existing market players are in fierce competition. As a result, manufacturers must differentiate their product offering through innovative products in order to survive and succeed in such a competitive environment. This competitive environment also causes manufacturers to reduce their product prices in order to maintain their market position, which can have a negative impact on their profit margins.

This research study provides a comprehensive analysis of the market, as well as historical intelligence, actionable insights, and an industry-validated and statistically supported market forecast.

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