Mountain Bike Riding Gear – Complete Guide

There is a bewildering variety of Mtb ausrüstung available in bike shops and online shops. Why does this helmet have a brim in the front? Why is there a water bag in the backpack? This mountain bike gear can make commuting between home, work, and school easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Latex Inner Tube

If you want to achieve lightweight mountain bikes, reduce rolling resistance (GCN test can reduce 10W power), and improve road feel, latex inner tubes are necessary equipment for your riding. Take this Vittoria as an example, the official weight is 75g (48mm valve), and ordinary hoses generally weigh about 100g, and the weight loss is 30g. The price for this can be eating less fried chicken.

Mountain Bike Helmet

If there is an emblematic piece of equipment in classic riding, it is the helmet. Since the early 20th century, the cycling cap has been the most obvious element of road cycling and also the most coveted element of the brand, and its logo is printed for promotional purposes. Well, this is not only an aesthetic (or nostalgic) element of the story but also because of its immense usefulness in all seasons.


The mountain bike handlebar introduced in the Mtb-Teile is ignored by many people, but the mountain bike handlebar strap can make our riding more comfortable. The mountain’s straight grip structure and control space do not need to “completely cover” the handlebar, and all kinds of common grips can also meet the mountain’s off-road handling needs.

Clip Pedal

Clip pedals are recommended for mountain biking. The structure of clip pedals makes riding safer and more comfortable.

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