Most Underrated Coins of 2023 – Near Protocol, KuCoin, and Pullix


This article will examine three of the top 10 altcoins that have gone unnoticed for most of 2023. Near Protocol, KuCoin, and Pullix have recorded significant price increases in 2023 and could possibly triple their profits in 2024. Below we discuss the future of these altcoins and how they will impact the crypto market.

Near Protocol (NEAR) Open Interest Hits 4-Month High 

Santiment has reported a 17.2% increase in Near open interest (OI) from $77.5 million to $90.8 million. The last time Near’s investment hit $90 million was in August, making this a significant development.

Additionally, Santiment reported a 0.01% Binance fundraising rate for Near Protocol. This implies that long positions have a little advantage over short positions until the market shifts. Meanwhile, the Near Protocol coin has experienced strong growth. 

The altcoin price has risen from a one-month low of $1.73 to a high of $2.72. According to CoinGecko data, the NEAR Protocol price has increased by 32.7% and 110.8% in the last month and year, respectively.

Pullix (PLX) To Launch in Q1 2024

Pullix (PLX) is gaining popularity as the best DeFi cryptocurrency in the crypto community. It is currently worth $0.044 and is the utility token of the Pullix exchange. What is Pullix, and what are its unique features?

Pullix is a new exchange combining the best centralized and decentralized systems. In addition, the platform offers advanced institutional trading powered by openAI. That is right, the same OpenAI that owns the famous ChatGPT created the trading tools that Pullix offers users.

These tools help traders execute winning trades, execute orders, aNd allow investors to replicate profitable traders. Another thing to note is that Pullix is an Ethereum blockchain-based platform. Furthermore, the platform is controlled by the community and is the first TradFi to implement revenue sharing to its holders. This contributes to the provision of a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for all traders.

Uses Of The Pullix Token, PLX 

Pullix PLX should be considered by all investors now, with PLX holders can trade it, exchange it for other tokens, or stake it for rewards. Pullix will also provide its holders with a portion of the daily profit they make, this alone is an excellent reason to hold PLX as it will generate a passive income for its holders.The functions of the PLX token make the DeFi cryptocurrency a valuable asset rather than just another crypto token.

KuCoin Labs Partner With Biis

KuCoin, a major cryptocurrency exchange, and Biis, a tool developer, are joining forces. Their plan is to make it easier for people to use BRC tokens, with a focus on growing the BTC Ecosystem. Also, Biis will work with KuCoin Labs to improve their technology. 

The aim is to create a more user-friendly space for those interested in cryptocurrency, whether they are beginners or experts. This partnership is expected to help the BRC20 ecosystem grow, offering users various helpful tools and services.

In other news, KuCoin crypto has surged more than 44.8% in the past month. The altcoin price climbed to a one-month high of $14.15 from a low of $7.01. 


Near Protocol, KuCoin and Pullix are among the top 10 altcoins that investors should not overlook going forward. Analysts say these coins have seen positive price movements in 2023 and could hit new peaks in 2024.

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