Most Trending Web3 Tokens – Polkadot (DOT) vs. Mask Network (MASK) vs. Borroe ($ROE)

Polkadot (DOT) vs. Mask Network (MASK) vs. Borroe ($ROE)

Several crypto price-tracking websites show Polkadot (DOT) leads the way in Web3 tokens. Yet, Mask Network (MASK) is another fascinating project in this space, even though it’s somewhat irrelevant currently.

Thus, most would pick Polkadot (DOT) as the most viable investment and call it a day. Yet, a new entrant, Borroe ($ROE), has arrived, giving Polkadot (DOT) and Mask Network (MASK) a real run for their money.


Polkadot (DOT) Co-Founder Proposes Polkadot 2.0

Polkadot (DOT) is one of the spearheading third-generation blockchains that popularized the concept of interoperability. It’s also a consistently evolving project, as evidenced by the recent fourth Polkadot Decoded event.

Gavin Wood, Polkadot’s (DOT) co-founder, waxed lyrical in his speech about the project’s new vision dubbed ‘Polkadot 2.0.’ He spoke about many thought-proving concepts like making Polkadot (DOT) more ‘application than chain-centric,’ ‘space over chains,’ etc.

This announcement has many investors more keen on the project, resulting in a slight increase in social volume and open interest. On the downside, this news hasn’t favorably affected Polkadot’s (DOT) price.

It is trading at $5.51, having targeted this resistance level twice in recent weeks. Analysts believe Polkadot (DOT) will eventually trend higher as it remains a staple in the industry.

Sadly, it’s a different story with Mask Network (MASK), as its metrics suggest a massive decline in usage.

Mask Network’s (MASK) Metrics And Media Coverage At A Low

Mask Network (MASK) is a protocol bringing the privacy benefits of Web3 to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Yet, despite this ambitious proposition, interest in Mask Network (MASK) is lacking.

The most obvious evidence is the low media coverage and social activity for Mask Network (MASK). Moreover, Mask Network’s (MASK) block explorer confirms a drastic transaction decline.

Aside from an unexpected jump on May 23, 2023, of 62.6 million MASK tokens traded, this has dropped sharply to 1.2 million MASK.

On the bright side, the price tells a different story, given its current rise as it looks to break the $4 level. 

Meanwhile, Borroe ($ROE) looks to blast through its trading price and climb by 25% soon.


Borroe ($ROE) To Disrupt The Traditional Financing Industry

Borroe ($ROE) is the first AI blockchain-powered crowdfunding protocol allowing businesses in the decentralized web to borrow money using their future income as security.

These earrings include invoices, retainers, management fees, subscriptions, and royalties. Borroe ($ROE) offers an NFT marketplace connecting Web3 players with willing buyers to provide capital with repayments from 30 days to a year. Once the loan is repaid, the funders gain a small share of the income. Meanwhile, sellers receive money at a reasonable cost without hassles.

Borroe ($ROE) incorporates AI to risk-assess the sellers, automating the process from application to cash delivery.

Such a unique value proposition will resonate with many in Web3 who dread using banks and other financial companies. This makes Borroe ($ROE) more viable than Polkadot (DOT) and Mask Network (MASK) and is why it’s going to be a trending altcoin.

Borroe is offering its governance token, $ROE, in Stage 1 of the platform’s presale for a low $0.010. In no time, investors have scooped up a fourth of the available tokens. This will accelerate the price expected to be worth $0.0125 in Stage 2, a quick 25% increase.

The long-term forecast after the presale is a 300% gain (to $0.040) for early buyers at the current value.

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