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Most Popular Finance Shows and Reality TV on CNBC

There are a number of popular finance shows on CNBC, all of which have a massive following and great content on what’s happening on any given day. Through the use of your cable television provider or live streaming through the CNBC mobile app, you can tune in to Shark Tank, Mad Money with Jim Cramer, and Squawk on the Street.

If you’re interested in learning about the latest trends in the finance world, you should check out these shows. And when it comes to the financial reality shows offered through CNBC, those are all great winners too!

To learn more about each of these shows and seeing a quick YouTube except of each, be sure to read through each of the spotlights and profiles below!

Most Popular Finance Shows on CNBC

If you’re curious about investing, you should check out the finance shows on CNBC. You can also watch finance documentaries to improve your business savvy. “The Profit” is an example of a show that focuses on helping people manage their finances. It follows the story of multimillionaire CEO Marcus Lemonis as he meets with the owners of struggling small businesses and learns about the three Ps of business. Marcus then decides whether to invest his own money in the business and try to turn it around.

“Squawk Box” is an informative show hosted by Andrew Ross Sorkin, the editor-at-large of “DealBook” and co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.” Its hosts discuss market trends and interviews with famous financial figures. A favorite segment features billionaire Warren Buffet, philanthropist Paul Getty, and other financial experts.

“Mad Money” is another popular show that follows stock market trends. Each week, Cramer reviews five stocks from callers’ portfolios and suggests ways to diversify their portfolio. On Wednesdays, Cramer argues with Herb Greenberg, a noted investment advisor, who focuses on stocks that could lose money. The two debate about which stocks are the most attractive and which ones are most risky.

Mad Money with Jim Cramer CNBC

Watching “Mad Money with Jim Cramer” on CNBC is an exciting way to invest in the stock market. It features the personality and knowledge of Jim Cramer, who has been a host on the show since 2006. The show is also an opportunity to learn about companies from a fresh perspective, as Jim answers viewer questions in an easy-to-read format. Watch “Mad Money” online or on your favorite TV station.

Today on Mad Money with Jim, the major indices ended the first quarter of the year with the Dow up over 300 points, but the day started off badly. Jim Cramer is on hand to help investors navigate the market, and he will also discuss the impact of the recent pandemic on the economy. He will also discuss the importance of investing in companies based on their earnings growth, as this model has become outdated. He will also break down the latest quarterly results from banks and companies like Bank of America, and give his picks for growth at a reasonable price.

Squawk on the Street CNBC

From the New York Stock Exchange, Squawk on the Street follows the market around the clock. Live from the NYSE, it features exclusive Eye on the Floor wireless cameras, taking viewers to the posts where the biggest companies are traded. Its exclusive Tick by Tick charts give viewers real-time action of every stock traded on the NYSE. It also has exclusive coverage of the CME Group in Chicago. Its coverage spans the globe, and it airs at the same time as closing bells in Europe.

Squawk on the Street covers all aspects of the New York Stock Exchange, including the market’s biggest stories and the newest developments. It tracks every stock, including currency and treasury markets, and covers the final hour of European trading. The show also features special reports, such as “Stop Trading!” and “Global Markets.”

The show’s guests included Carl Quintanilla, David Faber, and Morgan Brennan. Topics covered during the show included the IMF’s cut in its forecast for global growth to 3.6% by 2022. Jim Cramer and Morgan Brennan discussed the implications of this news and other news. Bank of America announced better-than-expected quarterly earnings, while the yield on the 10-year note rose to its highest since late-2018. Additionally, CNBC featured MoffettNathanson Senior Managing Director Michael Nathanson, discussing Twitter’s takeover bid.

Shark Tank CNBC

For business enthusiasts, Shark Tank on CNBC is the show to watch! The reality show is produced by Mark Burnett and features five industry titans who try to invest in the business ventures of the contestants. Sometimes, these pitches can even result in bidding wars! Here are some things you should know about the show:

The business on Shark Tank is a private company, which means it has no equity shares and no published earnings multiples. However, the Sharks can use the profits of a company to calculate its earnings multiple. For example, if a clothing retailer earns one million dollars in profit, they could use the average earnings multiple of the specialty retail apparel sector of $12 to determine the company’s value. That way, they can easily assess the value of the company without a lot of hassle.

While Regan’s new show will be competing against Shark Tank on CNBC, the original show has been popular for nearly two decades. The show first aired on ABC in 2009, but it has become one of the most popular programs on Comcast. Even though Shark Tank is not the most popular show on TV, it has consistently been one of the top-rated programs. While CNBC has beaten Fox Business for 44 consecutive months, it still holds a narrow lead in the 25-54 age demographic.

Fast Money CNBC

Fast Money traders provide information normally only seen on the trading floor of Wall Street, allowing viewers to profit from their insights. The five traders on the show deliver the news from the perspective of only the smartest traders, with an angle you won’t find in tomorrow’s papers. And, because of the speed and accuracy of the information provided, Fast Money has become one of the most-watched shows on cable television. Here are five ways to make money from Fast Money.

First, Fast Money focuses on day traders. Many of the featured Wall Street professionals join the show at the end of their day trading sessions to share their expertise and strategies. The host’s insightful commentary is often instrumental in moving stocks mentioned on the show. The information is then compiled by Benzinga Pro’s News Tool and accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Fast Money also highlights the latest market news. This program helps you make informed decisions based on this information.

Next, the host of Fast Money, Melissa Lee, explains the ins and outs of Wall Street jargon. The panelists discuss the latest market news and debate which stocks are making the biggest moves. Breaking news, meanwhile, is a segment that only airs live. Watching Fast Money will help you understand the financial news of the day. You can also tune in to Fast Money on the Internet to stay on top of the market.

The Profit CNBC

The Profit on CNBC is a show that follows Marcus Lemonis, the former CEO and chairman of Camping World, as he turns failing companies around. Marcus puts millions of dollars on the line and fires presidents in order to turn around failing companies. This man has been successful in turning around more than 100 companies in the past decade. You’ll want to watch this show if you’re a business owner, or if you want to start your own.

The Profit is an interesting show starring Marcus Lemonis and his team. The show is similar to the Shark Tank Show, but instead of putting money up for sale, lemonis is an investor who invests in struggling businesses and gets a share of their business. Lemonis, who was born in Lebanon during the civil war and was adopted in Miami, has made a name for himself as a serial entrepreneur. In the show, Lemonis and his team look at the financial and human side of small businesses.

The Profit on CNBC is a popular show starring Marcus Lemonis. Its episodes feature Lemonis’ efforts to turn around struggling businesses. It has been named the most popular prime-time show on CNBC. Apply now to participate in Season 2 of The Profit. You can view past episodes of the show at any time. A quick video below explains how the show is created. This episode is titled “Cash Car.”

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