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Most popular complexes in Emaar Beachfront for apartments

Placed at the heart of the Dubai harbor at the pristine beaches of the shoreline community – Dubai’s Emaar Beachfront properties have made a name for themselves as one of the most desired contemporary places to live and experience the good life in Dubai.

You can find these 27 towers of beautiful splendor between Palm Jumeirah and the JBR. It is a total of 10 000 residential apartments with state-of-the-art designs and impeccable installations. This article will discuss the most popular complexes of Emaar Beachfront properties and apartments for sale in Emaar Beachfront. You will also get some recommendations and tips on what to check out before making a purchase.

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The most famous complexes of the Emaar Beachfront for apartments in 2022

  • BeachGate By Address

Where else to begin other than the breathtaking Beachgate by the Address of the famous Emaar Properties? This impeccable structure lies pretty beside the glittering ocean of the Arabia Gulf. This is one of the most anticipated areas to live in, and it is voted highly desirous by the real estate community in the UAE. If you love class with a little bit of community living, then Beachgate by Address is also a great fit; additionally, if you are solitary, you will find it suitable too. There is no pressure because the property allows you much privacy and gives opportunity to also socialize. When you visit the apartment, you will find that it is luxurious and worth the hype. You can buy a 1 – 4 bedroom apartment at the Beach Gate By the Address of the Emaar beachfront properties.

  • Sunrise bay

Another complex to buy an apartment in the Emaar Beachfront apartments this 2022 is the famous Sunrise Bay. All of the Emaar developer’s buildings have nice locations, and the sunrise bay is not left out either. It is very close to the Dubai marina and gives you a maximum feel of the city and private life at the same time. Sunrise bay is famous among investors and home seekers. At sunrise bay, you can have access to the beach easily, and you also have access to the city’s major centers. It also has modern designs on the inside, and it is famous for its technological perks. All categories of apartments are available, ranging from 1 bedroom – 4 bedrooms, and they are quite spacious.

  • Marina Vista Tower

Next up on the list of the most popular complexes in the Emaar Beachfront for apartments is the Marina Vista Tower. Tall and impeccable from the outside, serene and peaceful on the inside. This is a state-of-the-art tower designed to compliment the bluish ocean and deliver a peaceful feel. It is likewise within proximity to the Marina, and it is well-designed with modern facilities. There are likewise one bedroom – 4 bedrooms available on various adjustable plans. Marina Vista is rated for apartments in Dubai and is one of the good places to live in the Emaar beachfront apartments.

  • Beach Vista

Next up is the Emaar Beachfront Beach Vista, a pleasurable structure with beautiful finesse and an amazing layout. The scenery from the beach vista is aw, and it has all of the facilities that one could hope for. As a residential lot of the Emaar Beachfront wonder, the beach vista is one of the most popular places for apartments in Dubai. All kinds of apartments are available, ranging from single beds to four bedrooms with four bathrooms. The Beach Vista is an absolute delight, and it is also serene and well-maintained. Lastly, it is in the heart of the city.

  • Grand Bleu Tower

Last but not least is the Grand Bleu Tower of the Emaar Beachfront properties. This is another amazing structure that is highly rated among the Emaar Beachfront apartments for realtors, citizens and foreigners. It has a pristine environment, modern facilities, and all the necessary initiatives for comfortable living. It is also highly impressive in comparison to other properties around the area. The ground lounge of the Grand Bleu Tower is impressive and its fitness area is the talk of the building, homeowners will also have the opportunity of ample parking space and working elevators that ease traffic.

Take note: these are luxurious apartments and may be pricier than ordinary home apartments.



Is this an exclusive list? Not at all, but these are some of the best structures to live on the Emaar beachfront, be it under a rental or as an outright purchase. Please note that you may have a preference when it comes to these and may choose others over the listed structure; the good news with Emaar Beachfront is that there is always variety, and they never disappoint. Read more on the official website

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