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Most International Medical Aspirants choose UV Gullas College of Medicine to study Medicine.


UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the best medical colleges in the Philippines. Indian students who are interested in medical studies abroad, this is the most preferred college for them in the Philippines. UV Gullas College Of Medicine is the third best college in the Philippines. Thousands of students mostly prefer this college for medical studies as this college has all the best education facilities which a medical college should have. Because of its world-class high facilities, it has a high position in the Philippines. Most Indian students prefer to do MBBS at UVGCM.

Rankings that cannot be overlooked

The University of Visayas Gullas College Of Medicine is the ideal choice for every student who is looking for an MBBS or an MD. The UV Gullas College Of Medicine has high facilities regarding medical education at a very affordable amount. According to world reports the college ranks at 6th  position in the Philippines.

An Affordable Tuition Fee

UV Gullas College Of Medicine Fees is divided into two parts based on the courses available in this college. On average, you can pursue a world-class MBBS degree by choosing to do MBBS in Philippines through Gullas College of Medicine with low fees at just Rs. 2.9 lakhs per year. Philippines MBBS fees for UV Gullas College of Medicine are top factor that most International students consider to choose this college. 

The Fees of UV Gullas College Of Medicine had not seen any difference in the past 3-4 years. There are very low expenses regarding courses and facilities in this college. This top medical college in the Philippines provides a US-based education structure that helps the students to develop their skills across the world after completion of the course.

Scholarships at UVGCM

The college also offers scholarships based on the NMAT exam and to top scorers in the semester examinations. 

A Simplified Admission process

  • NEET Score Card (valid within the time frame stated by the government).
  • Minimum Pass Mark in NEET required.
  • 50% pass in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th grade.
  • Birth certificate.
  • 10th standard certificate.
  • 11th standard certificate.
  • 12th standard certificate.

 NEET Scores- For Indian students it is necessary to have an eligibility in NEET. No need for high NEET scores.

Highest FMGE Pass Percentage in the Philippines

The UV Gullas College of Medicine has a very high score in FMGE Exams with a whopping 91% clearance rate. It always makes sure that Indian students get special treatment to prepare for their FMGE Tests. This ensures that these students get a license to practice in their own country. The teachers give the best teaching skills to the students who have to pass FMGE final exams.

Advanced Infrastructure for an improved learning


While studying abroad there is a major concern for food and living. The UV Gullas College Of Medicine hostels are inside the college premises only the students don’t have to go anywhere else for food and shelter. The hostel students do not find any difficulty in going to college and coming back to their rooms. The hostels of the college are available with all the facilities. There are separate hostels for both the boys and girls. Spacious air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms, 24/7 Wi-Fi facilities and pure drinking water with RO technology are also available on the campus. Regular cleaning & sterilization by housekeeping staff to keep their students’ living environment dirt and disease free. Laundry facilities are available, at nominal costs. 24/7 security service with CCTV surveillance. The UV Gullas Medical college makes sure that the safety of the students is their priority and makes sure every need of their MBBS students is met. They try to ensure that the students are very comfortable in the Gullas college of medicine Hostel present inside the campus so that they can put all their energy into their studies.


Spacious Conference halls

The UV Gullas College of Medicine has commodious high-technological conference halls to organize seminars, functions, activities and other events all throughout the year. The spacious halls help students gather and work for a good cause. The halls of college are very highly facilitated with a good environment. The halls are full of air conditioning systems and available WiFi 24/7 and with a very wide space.


The library facilities of UV Gullas College Of Medicine are available 24/7 for the students. They have both traditional and digital libraries together. They offer modern facilities and technology through the library. The library of this college represents the highest level of quality of medical education. The students can get study material right on their computer screen. This college also has an E-library or Electronic Library. This keeps the UV Gullas Medical College a step ahead of its counterparts and also is very user-friendly. Students are given library cards through which they can borrow the books they want from the library. The UV Gullas medical college Library has more than 2000 e-publications, including the most prestigious journals in many medical specialties.

Sophisticated Laboratory

The laboratories of UV Gullas College Of Medicine are the backbone of the scientific field. Laboratories are the most essential part of medical studies. They have their own well-equipped laboratories. Biochemistry, pathology, haematology, parasitology, transfusion medicine, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, Virology, molecular technology and genetics are all studied in the latest labs. For improving the visualization of the latest Anatomage tables are also available in the labs. The Gullas College of Medicine Laboratory has a facility with advanced medical equipment that is essential for students. The labs are vital for research purposes and teaching medical terms with practical examples to the students. The latest pieces of equipment like microscopes, safety gadgets, etc. are available.

Anatomage Table, 3D Simulation Lab, and a good number of cadavers are their highly experienced professors who make sure students gain a piece of in-depth knowledge about clinical studies. The labs are facilitated with modern day learning pieces of equipment that help the students to understand the concepts in a better way. 

Availability of Cadavers

Cadavers are the most essential part of medical studies. All we know is that technology is getting advanced day by day and everything is getting very costly during this period. The cadavers are also getting very expensive, but it is also important for medical students to analyse the human body parts for better understanding and knowledge. This is the most advanced and final phase of a medical student and his studies. There are enough cadavers to help the students have a better look at the human body. The UV Gullas Medical college provision to students with the best facilities to help them gain better medical experience.

Digital Classrooms

UV Gullas College Of Medicine in the Philippines has highly facilitated classrooms for the students. They provide modern classrooms with air-conditioning and have modern teaching facilities for international students. The college kept up with the rapid growth and requirements needed to operate as a high-end place for studying. The classrooms in the UV Gullas College of Medicine have reanalyzed and made learning more interesting for the students to understand the thing easily. The teaching methods have become technologically oriented and interactive. Teachers use different tools and skills to teach their students concepts and provide better learning to them. As we know that visual communication is the easiest way to understand any concept, the primary tool used in smart classes these days is the projector that helps lecturers bring a live demo of the topics using slides and images. The technology is capable of displaying texts and images on a flat surface, a projector is also very important to show videos in the classroom. This facility makes the learning experience more exciting and interactive for students to analyse anything.

Food That Feels Like Home

For making Indian students feel at their home the UV Gullas College Of Medicine ensures that the students should get healthy Indian food. They provide both veg and non-veg food. Non-vegetarian students get non-vegetarian food 6 out of 7 days a week. Both North Indian and South Indian food are also available for the Indian students. They provide three meals a day including snacks in the evening. Traditional ethnic Indian cuisine is served to satisfy the desire for home cooking. They understand that home cuisine is a big inadequacy for students who live away from home. The hostel takes care of all the nutrient needs of students in a day. Students have fewer digestive problems when they are having the food they are used to in their homeland.

Perks of Studying at UVGCM

There’s no doubt that the University of Visayas Gullas College Of Medicine is a highly esteemed medical college which stands at the 6th position in the Philippines. The students who have passed out from this college are in powerful positions in the best medical institutes worldwide. The admission process of this college is very simple compared to other medical colleges in different countries. They provide highly advanced education to the students, the best food, hostels, and the best infrastructure with the best education skills. 

Many Indian students travelling to study MBBS in Philippines choose this college. The college has digital classrooms, experienced faculty, the best clinical rotations, and a peaceful environment for studies. The college exceeds the expectations of students with its facilities and record-breaking results.

So no more wait!!! say yes to the medical dream. With so many breathtaking facilities, indeed UVGCM is a dream college for many medical aspirants. 

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