Most Common Ways Companies Become Vulnerable to Hacks


While operating your business, you don’t know when or how the hackers will attack your vulnerable company for sensitive data and information. You might install the best anti-virus software in the world, create strong passwords, and train your employees to the higher level possible, cyber-attacks are pretty common and your business will be affected by them. One of the best ways to protect your business is by contacting professionals who will conduct penetrating tests on your company.

Hackers constantly look for flaws in your business. When they find one, they will never stop until they gain access to sensitive data and information. If they try to attack one company and failed to find any weakness, they will target another one and this process will continue unless they find businesses with flawed security protocols.

But when you know about the common types of hacks, you might take the necessary steps. Here are the common ways your business might get hacked.

Weak or Short Passwords 

Strong passwords are undoubtedly extremely important for businesses. Even though they are difficult to remember, you should never use weak or short passwords for your business. Many business owners use common terms such as the name of their pets or children as passwords. This is the reason why their business becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks quickly. Keep in mind that 75% of cyber-attacks happen due to weak passwords. Therefore, you need to put in a little extra effort while creating a password.

As per the CEO views, consider creating unique passwords that contain upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers, and special characters. Make sure you let your employees know the benefits of strengthening their passwords. If you’re facing problems remembering strong and lengthy passwords, consider using trusted password managers.

Scanning Networks for Exploitation and Vulnerabilities 

Do you think your network is vulnerable? Hackers might be the first ones to let you know about this issue, but by the time you realize it, it’ll be too late. This is why you need to use penetration testing services to find the flaws in your security protocols before the hackers do.

When the hackers find the vulnerability in your network, they will exploit it by sending data or commands to computers or servers which will cause the targeted application to malfunction and crash. Even though large businesses have a strong network to protect against cyber-attacks, the network vulnerability of small and medium businesses is massive.

Make sure you always contact professionals who will conduct penetrating testing and identify the flaws in your company’s security measurements.

Malware Attacks 

Malware, upon entering your computer or system, will create software that will not only capture the keystrokes but also the data and passwords. As per reports, more than 15% of small businesses are affected by malware attacks. Not to mention, the average loss of facing malware attacks is more than $200,000. This is undoubtedly a big deal for both small and medium businesses.

This is why you always need to use good software that will help you detect malware. Apart from that, you also need to update this specific software from time to time.


These are the common ways businesses become extremely vulnerable to hacks. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you let us know by commenting below.



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