Most Common Problems You Face With Your Apple Iphone

Most Common Problems You Face With Your Apple Iphone

Whichever brand you’re using will not be fully perfect, and so does the iPhone. This is important to understand the problems of your iPhone and solve them at a minimal cost.

The most common iPhone issues you can deal with after using it for several years. After using an iPhone for a particular time, you’ll notice that they become slow, and you get trouble powering your phone on.

Cracked glass issues, touch ID, or Face ID issues are the most common. Also, you can suffer from terrible battery life. So let’s examine some of your iPhone faults and issues that iPhone owners face and see if we can fix them.

Most Common Problems You Face With Your Apple Iphone

Many people have used iPhones for years or wish to purchase a used iPhone. For those, here are the most common problems that you face while using your Apple iPhone-

  • A Poor Phone call or Speaker Quality

Sometimes there will be a canceled call issue that happens on your iPhone. But that doesn’t mean any network issue happened while you were receiving the call. A canceled call on iphone simply indicates a network error while calling the receiver.

A poor phone call or speaker issue is a frequent problem with iPhones. Recently Apple updated a support page where you can get all the solutions for this issue after complaining there.

Otherwise, you can update your phone to iOS 15 to check if this works. Open the setting option – Sounds and Haptics – then turn the bar of Ringer And Alerts to raise the volume.

  • Connectivity Issues

Are you having any kind of issues connecting to your iPhone Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as your cellular network? Activate Airplane mode, then switch it off and attempt to connect again. Occasionally, simply toggling a specific connection might resolve the issue.

You may need to repair your Bluetooth device along with Wi-Fi network if the issue persists. Then click Reset Network Settings under Settings>General>Reset.

  • Bluetooth Issues

Another typical iPhone issue is a Bluetooth issue. Either you will not link the Bluetooth or an inability to pair the iPhone with a Bluetooth device. The first step is to go to Settings, turn on Bluetooth, and restart your device. You can also select Airplane Mode.

If this doesn’t work, click the Settings > Bluetooth and tap the ‘Forget this Device,’ then try pairing it again. Updating to a newer iOS version frequently resolves the issue.

  • Stuck Volume Button

This problem has numerous solutions. You could try switching to airplane mode. Try to switch off the  audio option of your iPhone.

The assistive mode can also be enabled in settings – accessibility and after that the assistive touch. The Apple iPhone can now be accessed from the main page.

  • Touchscreen Is Not Working

If the touch screen isn’t functioning, make sure it’s clean and dry. It should now operate after restarting the iPhone. Otherwise, clear the cache data, which will help you to free up space on your iOS device.

If the screen is cracked or broken, or if the iPhone has been dropped, take it to an authorized Apple service center.

  • Not Getting Charged

Is your iPhone 7 refusing to charge? Don’t be concerned! It occurs. Here’s how to get things going once more. Your charging cord or connecting port may be malfunctioning.

Use a different port or a new permitted cable to charge your phone. Start your phone again.

  •  The Camera Is Not Working

It’s conceivable that dirt or debris obscures the lens, rendering your iPhone’s camera useless.

Dirt or lint can easily access a camera lens, particularly if you carry your iPhone in your pocket for most of the day. Clean off the camera immediately and check if it works.

If this doesn’t work, try closing every app or software that might help you get rid of the error. Or try to restart your iPhone because it may be a minor software glitch that is doing this.

  • Forgot iPhone Passcode or iPhone Disabled

If you forget your iPhone passcode and struggle to unlock your iPhone multiple times, you have to solve this.

Your iPhone becomes deactivated and prompts you to attempt after 5, 15, 20, and so on. Here you need to reset your disabled iPhone and enter a new password to unlock it.

Restore your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud to remove the old password. Also, utilize Recovery Mode to restore an iPhone that has become disabled.

All passwords, images, videos, music, contacts, apps, and other data are lost during the process of repairing a disabled iPhone. Before diagnosing the problem, restore all data from an iCloud backup or utilize iPhone recovery software.

  •  App crashes

You should also maintain your App Store apps up to date. Keeping your apps up-to-date is easier when you enable Automatic Updates.

You may accomplish this by heading to Settings, selecting iTunes & App Store, and turning on the Updates switch. If an app becomes inaccessible or crashes, double-click the Home button, swipe the app away and try to reload it.

Wrapping Up

Apple has so many common problems with their iPhone. But you can quickly fix those issues, and you don’t need an Apple expert for that. Simply restarting your phone can solve several issues with your iPhone.

Trying to update the iOS or reset all your phone settings can save you from those problems. Hope all these tips from this write-up will boost your iPhone and give you a better experience with your phone.

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