Most Common Pests Found In Your Home

Common Pests

Numerous common insects cause little threat to people or buildings. That does not necessarily mean that you want them to remain, though. You should be able to start with a do-it-yourself pest management strategy for insects that don’t infest wood. The most effective way for getting rid of the bug can change depending on the type of insect.

The more severe issue of wood-infesting insects demands a more serious response. A licensed pest control Spring Field Lakes company inspection is advised if wood-destroying insects, such as termites or old house borers, are seen. Removing these insects requires specialized equipment that is typically only available to specialists. You might need to spend money on a pest control specialist or exterminator to get the finest results.

Most Common Pests Found in Households

Insects or animals that can harm your property are considered household pests. Additionally, there’s a possibility that they can have an impact on your health. Here are some of the most prevalent insect species that can be found in and around your homes.


Ants are the worst irritation in homes, according to the Pest Management Association. Among the hundreds of different ant species found in Australia are carpenter ants, smelly house ants, and pavement ants. They are highly common during particular seasons and can enter homes through extremely small cracks or holes. Clean up any food pieces or spills right away because a lot of ants are drawn to delicious smells.


Termites, which live in difficult-to-open windows and doors, have cockroaches as common ancestors. A termite infestation is extremely time-sensitive since termites can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day. Significant allergies, skin conditions, fungi, and even poisoning are all caused by them. In other instances, a mild case of asthma can quickly develop into a chronic illness with more severe symptoms.


When necessary safeguards are not taken, cockroaches can easily invade and take over your homes. They are frequently portrayed as nasty pests because they infect food, ruin paper and cloth, induce allergies and asthma, and spread disease. Eliminating these favorable circumstances can help minimize cockroach infestations because these pests favor warm, humid locations with accessible food and water supplies.


These unwelcome house guests can be moved around easily throughout the summer travel season. Finding them in crevices and cracks is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The nighttime-only bed bug is a blood-eating parasite. The transmission of numerous infectious diseases by bedbugs has been predicted. Infestations typically result from poor cleanliness, and they breed in densely populated regions.


Homes with stagnant water and improper disposal are common places to find mosquitoes, which also encourages their growth. They lay eggs on top of the water in order to reproduce. They can be discovered in your home’s bathrooms, toilets, potted plants, and even air conditioners. Their irritating bites are uncomfortable, but they also pose a health risk. These insects can occasionally pose major health risks to you and your family.


The most prevalent insect in and near dwellings is the house fly. They don’t often breed inside buildings, but they will easily enter seeking food or shelter by using open windows or doors. They frequently cause food-borne illnesses, which may be quite annoying, and they transmit a variety of diseases, including bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Wasps and Bees

If a bee or wasp is discovered inside, it is probably entered through an unlocked door, window, or crack. If you have a nest close to your house, though, this can happen frequently. You might be able to remove the nest yourself, depending on its size and activity; if not, you’ll need to hire Pest Control Brisbane professionals. Note that there is a significant distinction between aggressive wasps and honeybees. Even if you want to relocate them, it is advisable to save their homes because the latter is unlikely to sting and is a crucial component of the ecology.


Even though most spiders found in homes are harmless to people, seeing one might be disturbing. Make sure the seals around outside doors and windows are tight and exterior cracks are sealed to keep spiders out. Spiders can serve a role within your home because they naturally aid in pest control.


The first of these are mice and rats, which are known to transmit a wide range of illnesses including typhoid, meningitis, and infectious jaundice. These are some of the frequent insect species that cause damage to your home’s structure and health if they are allowed to grow.


You can find this nocturnal, moisture-loving insect in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Using a pesticide to treat the areas where you’ve spotted silverfish will probably be necessary to get rid of them. Search for indications of a high humidity level as well, such as condensation on pipes. Fix dripping faucets and make sure your basement and bathroom have adequate airflow.

How to Control Household Pests effectively?

If left unchecked, pests will bring disease into your home and spread it. Pest control Brisbane specialists can eliminate the issue and restore routine to your life whether it’s caused by rats, mice, bed bugs, termites, or another disease. For a wide range of pest problems, including those that are challenging to cure, pest control Brisbane experts with extensive experience in the area have effective and affordable solutions. Their in-depth knowledge and experience are the result of having created pest control solutions for private persons, businesses, and the government sector.

Licensed and certified Pest Control Spring Field Lakes experts carry out all pest control treatments. To completely solve your pest problem, experts always adhere to Australian standards and use only the best products. You can be assured that your family is fully safe and that your pest problem will be treated using only the best products because their treatments and products do not damage people or pets as they utilize environmentally friendly solutions.

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