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Most Common Complaints about Leather Jackets, and Why They’re Bunk


Leather jackets have become the trendiest wearable clothes among people of all ages. From the early 1900 to this era these classy leather jackets are still ruling the fashion industry. These leather jackets are versatile clothing and many different brands are offering many different types and designs of leather jackets in the market. Leather jackets are famous for both men and women. Womens biker leather jackets are the trendiest type among women nowadays. Therefore due to this fact, the competition among many sellers is increasing day by day. However, many brands offer leather jackets at low prices but there are many complaints people are making about these leather jackets. We are going to discuss some of the common complaints today and how to avoid this problem as well.

Artificial Leather made jackets

It is a very tough task to find original and pure leather-made jackets nowadays. As we have mentioned above, due to the increase in demand for leather jackets, many brands enter this field to earn a handsome amount of profit and attract more people to their brand. Thus many brands are offering leather jackets at low prices. However, some of them are providing this original leather material made jackets but many of them are using artificial leather made jackets. Leather is not that cheap, so it would be difficult for them to use original leather in the cheap leather jackets they provide. Therefore they use other materials like Rexene and Faux leather. This leather is also not that bad in quality. Both have different specialties. However, you can get them at a cheap price compared to original leather-made jackets.

Faux is a famous material used in the manufacturing of leather jackets at affordable prices. This is famous because of its price. Although it is fake leather it works and looks like the same original leather. But in some ways, these jackets are not that versatile and reliable compared to the original leather jackets. These jackets are not waterproof. After some time its leather starts damaging and leaves you no choice but to throw them away in the trash.

However, finding original leather in this advancing fashion industry is very difficult. There is no major difference between the looks and designs of fake and original leather jackets. Thus, buying a leather jacket between fake and original has become a big task for us. To buy an original leather jacket all you need to do is to attend or contact a brand that is providing the original leather materials products in the market and the people’s review about their product is good. The most popular original leather jacket design among men nowadays is the Ryan Reynolds spirited jacket. This jacket is famous because the actor Ryan Reynolds wears it mostly in Spirited movie, one of his famous series nowadays.

Water sensitive

Many people have complaints about leather jackets that are not that water resistant and waterproof. They start damaging whenever we use them on any rainy day. It is almost true, because when the rain drops on these leather jackets it leaves moisture on them, which can cause these leather jacket materials to become weak. However, short raindrops will not affect your leather jacket but if your jacket soaked for a long time then you might have to be a worry. This can cause permanent damage to your leather jacket. But most of the original leather jacket cases can easily bear these raindrops and don’t affect the leather jacket at all.

As we have briefly mentioned above most artificially made leather jackets are not that water-resistant or waterproof. Whenever you wear these jackets in the rain the leather particles start shrinking and at a time you will see the start of the damage to your costly leather jacket.

Cold air can pass easily

It is a very common concern among many people that leather jackets don’t stop cold air. It is 50-50 factual and falsehoods. As we have talked about this in the above paragraph, there are hundreds of leather jacket types. Many designers are providing leather jackets in different shapes and prices. In this variety, you can see many leather jackets of thick material and thin also.

It is up to you if you want an air-resistant leather jacket then you must have to buy a thick leather jacket which is slightly different and high in price from a thin leather jacket. Thus you have to give a close look at these leather jackets while buying. There is an obvious difference you can easily see with your eyes in both prices and thickness. These thick leather jackets are best for preventing cold air. And on the other hand, it also fits your body properly so you don’t need to worry about looseness.  

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