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MetaMarket collaborates with brands and celebrities to create NFTs with real-life and virtual utilities. MetaMarket is powered by MetaReserve team which is a group of experienced blockchain developers, Fintech professionals, and NFT fanatics. 

MetaMarket Unique Features

Governance Token Airdrop 

Any holders of NFT collections launched exclusively on MetaMarket can receive $POWER governance token and treasury voting for any major events of MetaReserve. Moreover, you can get some surprises periodically as they plan to airdrop $POWER without notice. 

Whitelist for Promising NFT Collections and Launchpad 

For NFTs lovers, any holders will be able to get whitelisted for future MetaMarket NFT collections with other reputable brands and KOLs as well as the hottest upcoming metaverse crypto projects on MetaReserve launchpad. 

Introduction of First 3 NFT collections on MetaMarket

Introducing all 3 NFT collections with their one-of-its-kind perks, we can be sure that you love to own them when you realize their values.

Tom Zanetti’s Exclusive Party and Impeccable Club (TZ-EPIC) 


Tom’s Club + Digital Party Experience + VIP Membership = 💣

Tom Zanetti’s Exclusive Party Impeccable Club (TZ-EPIC) is a group of 10,000 friends partying in the Metaverse with world-famous DJ, Tom Zanetti. He owns the best clubs, the best music, and has the best friends in the metaverse. Only his clique has access to all the events and enjoys all the perks in his space.

Intertwining culture and lifestyle with music in the metaverse, each NFT has a unique set of attributes and fashion statements, special access IRL, or in the metaverse. Other perks for the holders such as early access to community-only events, exclusive collaboration NFT drops, preview exclusive music drops, an exclusive community lounge, and many more exciting features in the future.


Bike NFTs

Join the future of eBike is powered by EPOWERS in 3,120 Next-Gen eBikes NFTs (Platinum, Gold, and Silver). 

EPOWERS is the lightest and Most beautifully hand-crafted E-bike that has ever been created to help you overcome any challenge you may face on the road. This electric motor system combines cutting-edge technology with leading innovation. The components are made exclusively in Europe by a handful of, best-in-class tech companies. This produces a reliable, long-lasting, and high performed bike with the highest industry standards. 

Awesome perks from eBike NFTs  

+ EPOWERS shares
+ EbikeGP race tickets
+ Virtual EPOWERS bike (P2E game “EPOWERS GP”)
+ Lucky draw chance to win “EPOWERS Competition Bike”
+ Free physical EPOWERS Bike (motor and non motorised)
+ Lifetime access to EPOWERS private community, and EPOWERS Club in Metaverse  and meet your favorite cyclists!

Only eBike NFT holders can enjoy all the perks to the max! 

BYD: The First NFT Collection that Pegged to SEV shares in the Metaverse.

limited edition NFTs

BYD, an automobile company that builds your dreams with vitality, spirit, and innovation, launching 2400 first-of-a-kind, limited edition NFTs. Since BYD’s inception in 1995, they’ve grown to become one of China’s largest privately-owned enterprises and a trailblazer in rechargeable battery technology in over 50 countries and regions. They build and develop a sustainable future by creating a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem.

MetaMarket is building a virtual showroom for BYD, a Business Centre that showcases BYD and SEV (Singapore Electric Vehicles) cars which will be available soon in Metareserve’s Metaverse.

As a holder of the BYD NFT, you will be getting an NFT pegged to physical real-world SEV shares, membership access to limited edition physical products, exclusive event invites as well as access to real-life and virtual VIP experiences.

MetaMarket Outlook

For NFT enthusiasts, MetaMarket is a project worth keeping your eyes on. Its strong rewarding system benefits investors, collectors, communities, brands, and influencers. It works on the principle of blockchain technology and aims to be the leading decentralized marketplace for all NFTs with strong utilities and a focus on real-world value and rewards. 

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