Morpheus Network New Pre-sale Date: MARCH 2ND, 2018 AT 12:00 PM EST!

Morpheus Network Announce a new Pre-Sale  Date: MARCH 2ND, 2018 AT 12:00 PM EST! Morpheus Network pre-sale is an ICO campaign run by the company to help address global supply chain inefficiencies by using blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology is perhaps one of the most revolutionizing innovations of the financial technology industry. It introduces decentralization and transparency into previously centralized sectors and if anything can be decentralized, then it should be decentralized. Lots of start ups have adopted the blockchain technology which was originally created for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency into its system to improve security and efficiency.

Recently, a team of experts in the fintech industry, global trade industry, international customs regulation, banking and accounting sector, legal sector, information security and website development came together to create the Morpheus network. The Morpheus Network is platform based on the Smart Contracts protocol of the blockchain technology created to simplify and facilitate global trade. The Morpheus network was established to tackle the complexities and inefficiencies in the supply chain platform and through its implementation of the blockchain technology bring in optimization, security and transparency to the import and export industry.

The Morpheus Network, working in partnership with some of the biggest names in the banking, shipping and trading sectors of the economy created a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain called MORPH that will be integrated in the payment system with the goal facilitating the importation and exportation of goods in over 200 countries across the globe.

ICO Update on Morpheus Token

The Morpheus Token – MORPH is the native cryptocurrency of the Morpheus Network. It is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and all transactions within the platform will be completed using this token. It can be converted from basically any fiat currency and about 74 other established cryptocurrencies. For the ICO of MORPH, the Morpheus Network team created a total of 100 million MORPH. The distribution structure of the tokens is as follows;

  • 52% (52 million MORPH) – token sale
  • 20% (20 million MORPH) – token presale
  • 3% (3 million MORPH) – advisory board
  • 12% (12 million MORPH) – founding team
  • 9% (9 million MORPH) – bonus on token sale
  • 3.35% (3.35 million MORPH) – strategic partners
  • 0.65% (650,000 MORPH) – bounty program

The presale was initially slated to start on Friday, the 23rd of February 2018 but it was recently rescheduled by the team to the 2nd of March 2018, a week after the original date. The whitelisters exclusive sale will begin 6 hours before the presale at 6 am EST and will last till 12pm EST when the presale is due to start. The presale will run for a period of 10 days and during this period, the tokens will be sold at a rate of 1.12 MORPH to $0.5. A 12% token bonus applies to all investors within this period. The minimum contribution for the presale is 0.1 ETH.

The soft cap for the token sale is set at 21.95million MORPH which is equivalent to $1.8 million while the hard cap is set at 100 million MORPH equivalent to $36 million. Already, the $1.8 million soft cap has been reached solely from contributions from the private sale. The main crowd sale will last for a period of 30 days but as at the time of this report, there was no information on when it will commence. It should be noted that the token sale is not open to the residents of 10 countries – North Korea, Sudan, Iran, Syria, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, China, Canada and the United States of America.


First of, in this context, a whitelist is a list of people who have been given access to a certain system, therefore whitelisters would be the people on the whitelist. Interested and potential investors can sign up for the whitelist on the Morpheus Network which is open to everybody. So far, over 15,000 investors have already signed up for the whitelist which comes with a number of benefits for its members. The presale will be open to the whitelisters for a period of six hours starting at 6 am EST on March 2nd 2018, before it is officially open to other investors. Additionally, members on the whitelist will receive an extra 2% bonus on top of the 12% pre token sale bonus adding up to a total of 14% token bonus. The whitelist is still open to accepting more members and interested investors can sign up here

According to the COO of Morpheus Network;

“We are part of the Blockchain Transport Alliance – members include FedEX, UPS, SAP, Penske, JD Logistics, Salesforce, Convoy, etc. BiTA is a consortium of the foremost leaders in the freight industry forging a path towards industry standards in blockchain use. Their goal is to bring together leading companies in the freight technology industries that have a vested interest in the development of blockchain technology. 

We have a strategic alliance with WINJIT Technologies Inc – they have over 200 clients across 44 countries globally – including some of the leading Fortune 500 companies – and 17+ years of experience delivering enterprise software solutions. Winjit has extensive experience with Blockchain, Fintech, Product Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, etc. They are also the creators behind IoTsense, a smart, secure and scalable IoT platform which we will be utilizing in our platform.

Our platform integrates with SWIFT for international payments, connecting us to over 1600 banks and financial institutions in 200 countries worldwide!

We have a strong team – one Co-Founder has 15+ years in global trade, the other has 15+ years in software development and information security. Our team has experience with companies including IBM, Deloitte, MIT, National Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Wilson International, Sony, and more!

Our advisors include the former CEO of DHL Roger Crook (one of the largest international shipping companies), Jonathan Bootle, inventor of groundbreaking “Bulletproof” Blockchain privacy technique, Daniel Eidan, Blockchain Solutions Architect at R3 and more…”


The global supply chain industry is valued at $15 trillion, nevertheless, it is plagued with inefficiencies and barriers. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, addressing this issues could increase worldwide Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by almost 5% while effectively increasing global trade volume by 15%. Consequently, this would increase the worth of the industry by at least $2 trillion. By integrating the blockchain technology in its operation, Morpheus Network provides a platform that is set to provide a practical solution to these problems. For more information on the Morpheus Network and updates on its upcoming ICO, visit the official website here.

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